Today’s first speaker was Cindi Thordarson of EcoGraphics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado. Cindi started her talk today with a brief life history of how she got into the printing industry. She grew up in Spokane, Washington and they had a print shop in her high school which she spent two years training, but upon graduation her teacher told her she would never make it in the print industry because she was a girl. After dropping out of college and wandering through a variety of jobs she moved to Vacaville, California and was looking for a graphic design position. Cindi stumbled into a PIP Printing office and was hired by the manager as a press operator. Some of the best training she received was in that shop – being in California she was trained with eco-friendly printing at its roots. Every product that they used was environmentally friendly and many of the papers that they used were recycled and this was in the late 80’s, before it was truly a movement. In 1995, Cindi moved to Denver, after her divorce, not wanting to move back to her home town and not wanting to stay in the same town with her ex and all of their friends. She worked in the Denver Tech Center for 2 years before finding a job with Scott Feavel and EcoGraphics Printing in 1997. She was then given the opportunity to buy into the company in 2001 and has been working hard at building the business ever since. Cindi then wanted to take the rest of her time to show us exactly what EcoGraphics Printing can do for our businesses. Services that are offered through EcoGraphics Printing begin with business cards – one sided, two sided or fold over cards, letterhead and envelopes to match your business cards to make your company image complete. To help your promote your company they can create a rack card that explains all of the services you offer in a clear and easy to read format. Cindi explained that rack cards are becoming more popular because they are a 2 sided card – usually 9 x 4 – that are cost effective and easy to leave with potential clients. Once you get the client they can create a NCR form designed specifically for your business. NCR forms are the carbonless forms that are coated to transfer the information through to as many copies as you need whether that be 2 or as much as 5 sheets. At EcoGraphics Printing they will design your form with the exact information that you need to make your invoices easy for your clients to understand. The next item that Cindi showed us was the wide variety of brochures that they have produced for clients – they all were four color process and easy to read and understand. Cindi then brought out the variety of types of books that they have done over the years, the first type is an invoice book – this is a wrap-around cover that allows you to write on a NCR form without writing through several forms. The next was a spiral bound training manual for a bail bonding company, this manual has about 100 pages – to show us how strong the coils are, Cindi also brought a tiny book that was 4.25 x 5.5 for a local golf group to show us that they can do books in any size. The last book Cindi brought with her was what is called perfect binding and how they make paperback books – this was an auction book for a local church, a very finished look. The last thing Cindi showed us was promotional package for a new product for back surgery, they have a very clean look and all 4 pieces look great laying together on the table. She also mentioned that they can do banners and table top signs. So whether you need a business card or a full corporate package give Cindi at EcoGraphics Printing call and she can build the image that is right for you!

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Our second speaker today was Leailia Bartleson with her new concierge company that has yet to be named. Leailia bought Mrs. B’s Baskets in 1997 and at one point had a gift shop where they not only sold knick knacks but also baskets in downtown Golden, Colorado and has earned Best of Golden recognition in 2009, 2011 through 2013. Quite an accomplishment for a business of her size! Over the last couple years Leailia has been shifting her service into the concierge service and on June 1st Leailia is selling the company to her basket company to long time employee Kendra. Leailia will then focus on the concierge business full time, the hardest part for her right know is finding a name for the new company that she likes and truly explains what she does. Leailia states that all the cool concierge names are taken!! The dictionary definition of concierge is “one who represents another in personal affairs” but on top of that Leailia offers so much more. Not only will her company represent you at the dmv, doing your auto service, picking up your dry cleaning or picking up your prescriptions but she will be your personal shopper everything from weekly grocery shopping to gift shopping. She will be taking the concierge service to the next level and here are some of the other services that she plans on offering. Specialty services that included party planning, she will take your theme and do all the shopping for decorations, food and alcohol, then she and her team will come in and decorate and setup for the party – if you request it she will stay and serve your guests so you can enjoy the time with them. Leailia will also stay after and do the clean up! Another service, for those with store fronts, Leailia really enjoys changing the windows and floor plans for the best way to get shoppers into the store and making it look perfect for shoppers to enjoy their experience in your store. Leailia has already done in a home office re-organization for one of our members and she is very happy with the progress – it is not done yet but she can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Leailia organized Suzanne Smith’s kitchen at Food for Thought Catering so that they can now find recipes and cookbooks! She also did Suzanne’s garage at home, and is happy to say that even after a year it is still organized and “most” things are in the proper place!! Leailia can also help you with correspondence, making reservations from a golf outing to a spa vacation, or help with your move to a new home. She has also started taking on the new adventure of Wedding Day Coordinator – this is quite the challenge, her job entails all of the big day details. She will help you behind the scene making sure that your special day is truly special and not one detail goes wrong. She has been having a lot of fun working with the brides and their families doing this new service that she offers. If you need help whether it be an hour, a day or a week, Leailia Bartleson can offer a plan for your specific needs!

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