Our first speaker today was Cindi Thordarson from EcoGraphics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado. The first item that Cindi wanted to talk about was what she called envelope season at EcoGraphics Printing – for the three weeks they have printed over 30,000 envelopes in all shapes and sizes for many of their clients. She passed around samples of the envelopes that were printed from an A-2 size (4.25 x 5.5) saying that this size is the smallest they prefer to run, to the A-7 – a standard invite size to the 6 ¾ size, the standard check sized envelope, to #9 size which is a standard business reply envelope, up to the #10 envelope that is a standard business or stationary envelope. The last size that she passed around was a 10 x 13 Catalog envelope that will fit about 100 sheets of 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper.
Cindi then went on to show us an example of an invitation, program and agenda for The Delores Project and their fundraising breakfast. These pieces are very bright and beautiful and all coordinate with a unique look. The Delores Project created these pieces in keeping with their logo of purple and yellow – when printing pieces like these at different times EcoGraphics works very hard to make sure each piece matches the last. So when people receive these items they know that they all go together. The next invitation Cindi showed was for the Children’s Hospital Colorado volunteer breakfast. Each year the Volunteer office calls us up and says this is our theme can you create the invitation and then the follow up pieces that will be at the event. This year the theme was Volunteers Make Us Smile and then Cindi passed around the invitation and envelope that EcoGraphics Printing designed to go with that theme. It is very cute!
The remaining items that Cindi passed around were different projects that they have also done in the past couple weeks. The first of these items were notepads in 2 different sizes – one a normal size of 4.25 x 5.5” and the second was a special notepad style that one client requested at a size of 8 x 7.5”. Then Cindi passed around 2 different sizes of notecards that are common for thank you notes. These are both standard sizes and are easily created by EcoGraphics. The last item she showed us was an announcement to the star supporters of the Alzheimer’s Association in preparations for their walk this summer. This will be an ongoing project as EcoGraphics Printing will be doing all the postcard, signage and thank you cards for the walk. Something that they do every year.
If you are looking for a local, eco-friendly printer to work with you on projects of any size give Cindi Thordarson and EcoGraphics Printing a call!
Cindi Thordarson * EcoGraphics Printing * 303.238.7791 * cindi@ecographicsprinting.com * www.ecographicsprinting.com

The second speaker today was Linda Schaffer of GL Specialties Promotional Products in Arvada, Colorado. Linda started her talk today telling us how and why she got into the promotional product business. Years ago, she retired from the insurance industry and needed a job that would allow her to work from home and be available to her family. After some research, she found that the promotional product industry would allow her just that and with that GL Specialties was born. The first product Linda passed around the table was a seed packet that she found for Crested Butte – they are working to promote visiting the area during the summer as enjoying the fields of wild flower. So, Linda found a local company the creates packets of wild flower seeds and prints the company’s ad on the packets. A very clever ad campaign! Linda works very closely with her clients to find the perfect product for their promotion. Linda told us about one client who wanted to give out notebooks – so Linda’s first question is what is the budget? Most clients don’t like to answer this – as they assume that Linda will max that budget out. That is not the reason for the question – the reason Linda asks this is that there are so many products out there and knowing what someone has to spend will put a limit on what she will find. In this case, she found 4 notebooks that fell within the budget and ordered samples to bring to the client so that she could feel and really get a look at what they were buying. In the end the client pick out the classic leather look without a pen. Linda felt that this was a good fit for the client – not only for the budget but as well the client’s customers.
The next item she talked about was table cloths – there are quite a few distributors for these cloths and they can be used for an event or for a trade show. Her client wanted a specific color that is not a standard color – the standard colors for these table cloths are royal blue, red, forest green, light blue and white. Linda tried to come up with an option for the client – one option was printing a white table cloth in the solid color that he wanted with the underside remaining white, he didn’t like that option. Second option was a white table cloth with his logo in the company’s colors on the front, he didn’t like that option either. So, the third option was to find a color that was as close as possible to his requested color and that is the way they went.
This is the kind of service that you will get by working with GL Specialties, unlike going online and trying to find it yourself. Give Linda Schaffer a call to help you out with your next promotion!!
Linda Schaffer * GL Specialties * 303.456.9035 * glspecad@glspecialties.com * www.glspecialties.com