Our first speaker was Cindi Thordarson from EcoGraphics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado. Today Cindi started her talk showing us to recent projects that they produce for a client who does training sessions all over the country. The first was a manual with a UV coating on the cover that makes the colors pop and gives the manual a professional appearance. This program comes with a secondary activities book that works with the manual – although Cindi is trying to talk the owner to change from comb binding to spiral for a more cohesive look. The second program has a manual as well and its accompanying pieces are laminated handouts the help the students to use the program when they get back to their offices.
Cindi took the rest of her time today going over the most common paper weights being used in the printing industry. The first sheet she sent around was the most common for office copies – it is a 20# bond. The second sheet that she sent around was a 60# bond which is a typical weight for letterhead and office forms. Her third sheet was a 70# bond that is commonly used for manuals and annual reports – this sheet is thick enough that when printed on both sides the copy does not show through. After that she moved up to cover weight stocks, with an 80# cover – this used to be the common weight for business cards, but then people wanted something thicker and the next stock was a 100# cover weight stock. The 100# cover has less flexibility than the 80# and makes a nice durable card or cover for an annual report. Next Cindi said that the next two stocks were developed because people desired a thicker business card and so hence the 120# and 130# cover weight papers. These two sheets are very rigid and create very stylish business cards. However Cindi commented that some people even want thicker business cards and they can get a stock that once it is printed on can be pressed together when the cards are be cut to create a cardboard type of card – this is not a cheap process and not something that they have requested to often.
If you are looking for a printing team that can find the right combination of paper and printing for your company’s image give Cindi Thordarson and EcoGraphics Printing a call.
Cindi Thordarson * EcoGraphics Printing * 303-238-7791 * cindi@ecographicsprinting.com  * www.ecographicsprinting.com

The second speaker today was Mary Walker of Walker Solutions in Golden, Colorado. Mary spoke to us today about her approach to coaching and what coaching can do for your business. At Walker Solutions, their ultimate goal is to assist you in making the most of your people assets. They do this by coaching business managers to be the leaders that they need to be. They work to assist your managers in adapting to new responsibilities, reducing un-helpful behaviors and championing organizational change. In the one on one coaching they develop clear vision to identify and build the right alliances and get positive results from effective, honest communication. This is something that they don’t take lightly, as being in a coaching relationship is hard work and requires personal inquiry for success.
What is coaching?
Coaching will help you achieve results with lower stress, fewer obstacles and less self-sabotage. Coaching help clients set better goals, take more direct action, make more informed decisions and use their natural talents and strengths. A professional coach is trained to listen and to observe to help their client find the direction and motivation to be successful.
Why use coaching?
Accountability Partner
Goal Achievement
Sharpen Leadership Skills
Correct Behavior Partner

Business Coaching:
The end goal is to assist high achieving business owners reach their greatest potential with in the context of strategic objectives.

Creating a culture of accountability and results, Walker Solutions assist managers in learning to communicate effectively and create constructive feedback. The goal is creating a clear sense of direction and alignment among team members and enabling them to achieve understanding of how best to leverage individual and collective strength.

HR Consulting:
Regulatory Compliance
Full Life Cycle Recruiting
Employee Relations
HR Training and Development

Why hire Walker Solutions? They understand small business and we help other small businesses make the best of the most valuable asset – people. They keep it simple and only get as involved as you want and will never sell you more than you need.
Mary Walker * Walker Solutions * 303-459-2401 * www.walkersolutions.com