Our only speaker today was Cindi Thordarson, part owner of EcoGraphics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado. Cindi began her talk showing us a few of the jobs that they have done recently. The first job was a family cookbook – that had all of the client’s mother’s recipes from her childhood, in a family with four sisters this cookbook was a long time in the making. In fact, the client told them that her sisters were expecting the book two Christmases ago, but every time they thought it was finished some family member would tweak some portion of the book. When it all came together, at EcoGraphics they suggested a plastic cover and coil binding to help make it a tad more protected in the kitchen. The second project was an Estate Planner for a local office that holds classes for people entering that phase of their life. This was a 12 page booklet that has some information and many questions for the client to answer and give them items to consider moving forward. This project was created in a new graphic program out there that creates some interesting moments for the print industry. This program allows our clients to create very nice looking pieces – however – the program was created in Australia, designed as a free download with in app purchases or upgrade to the monthly payment version. It allows people to create wonderful looking pieces in a program that is easier to use than Publisher. Our difficulty with the program is some of the sizes are in European measurements so bringing them into a standard graphic program can create issues. They have managed to work around the issues and now will ask what program it was created in, that way they know what to look for. The last item Cindi passed around was a pad that will be used in Blanding Utah for the visitor center, this was a set of three map pads – including Bluff, Monticello and Blanding. They were designed by Guest Guide Publications as a service to their clients, the maps have all the local sites, restaurants, hotels and camping areas.
Cindi, then went on to discuss an email that EcoGraphics Printing received from one of their clients. The company manufactures medical equipment for hospitals around the world and they asked the question about where the supplies used in the finished product are produced. They are concerned about the Coronavirus and if any products are sourced from China. Cindi had to contact all the companies that they source to discover whether the supplies used for this company came from China. She found that they do not, the paper used for this company is sourced in Italy and cut to size in Wisconsin, the grommets are made in India, the chain used is and has been made in the United States since 1957 and the final parts are all source from Texas. All though it took Cindi a bit of time to track down all the information for this client – it gave her a better idea of where items come from and maybe look into other suppliers and try to source items locally.
Cindi’s last topic was about recycling and a group that works with most of the paper companies in North America work with called Print Releaf and a new program that they are rolling out called “The Trillion Trees Vision” is working to restore a trillion trees by 2050, with a reforestation project that is planting 2,416 trees per day. They are also partnering with One Tree Planted to soon ad a new reforestation site in British Columbia and will be their third reforestation project in the North Americas.
At EcoGraphics Printing they work to be a good partner with the environment and try each year to reduce their waste. The print industry has been working for years to improve in this area with water soluble cleaners, recycling programs and soy-based inks. They have been doing this since 1989.
If you are looking for a printing company that creates great looking print pieces to promote your business and cares about the environment – give Cindi and EcoGraphics Printing a call.
Cindi Thordarson * EcoGraphics Printing * 303.929.9256 * cindi@ecographicsprinting.com * ecographicsprinting.com