Today’s first speaker was Cindi Thordarson from EcoGraphics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado. Her talk today was based on several articles that Cindi has seen floating around the internet about printing not being dead. She has been working in the print industry for over 30 years and when she first started was the beginning of the technology revolution and as someone who thought that computers were just a fad, she has embraced the changes. In their office at EcoGraphics Printing they have 3 digital presses, with one being a new envelope press that can print full color and do variable data on envelopes up to a 9 x 12 catalog envelope. Direct mail is still being heavily used to contact local clients, having a 43% share of the retail advertising. The ideal marketing strategy currently is the combination of print and digital.
There are several reasons why print is not dead, firstly, 80% of traditional mail is opened and yet how many of you open an advertising email, apparently not many. Cindi stated that when going through her own email, she won’t bother to open any email that looks to be advertising. Another critique about digital marketing is online we are bombarded by ads, auto play videos, banner ads and pop-up windows – to the point where most people just ignore them. On the other hand, a printed publication will work to create a bridge with its customer, one where the reader can choose to focus on one item and letting the reader make their own choices about what they concentrate on. Secondly, Cindi states that everyone one is becoming to the digital innovations – the companies want to create an experience for the consumer. The issue with this is that each innovation is only slightly cooler that those that came before it and quickly loses its fanfare, blending in with everything else out there. Whereas print actually takes up space – whether it’s a magazine on your table or a wedding invitation hanging on the fridge, in an office space a well-designed print can draw attention, whether it be something as simple as a business card, a brochure or promotional piece. A well-designed print piece with great visuals and compelling content can beat digital marketing easily, being something that you can actually pick up and touch.
We are living in an era where everything is digital, so many businesses focus their marketing dollar into the online medium, having the misconception that printed pieces are not a viable marketing strategy. However, how many of you are looking forward to the next political season, if print marketing didn’t work do you think political groups would focus on the quantity of mail pieces that we all see in our mailboxes each election season. If you are looking to create a marketing strategy that will draw new customers give EcoGraphics Printing and Cindi Thordarson a call.
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Our second speaker today was Suzanne Smith of Food for Thought Catering in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Suzanne has been catering to the Denver area since 1981, offering full catering service to business and local groups. They offer a wide variety of services, everything from a sit down dinner to buffets to full breakfasts and hot or cold lunches and what they have named desk top catering (bringing in boxed lunches). In the past they did a lot of office parties with hors d’oeuvres, this has changed out to serving many local groups for their monthly and weekly meetings. Some of those groups that Food for Thought Catering serves are Wheat Ridge Rotary, Wheat Ridge Business Association and the Westside Business Builders. They also offer the “Proper Wheat Ridge Tea Service” at Serenity and the Byers Evans House with chicken salad sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches and a dark cherry with chocolate scone.
Suzanne wanted to share a couple of challenges that she has had over the years – one is a client that during the holidays brings in her recipes and dishes, then plays the food off as her own, Suzanne doesn’t mind in fact she finds it funny. Then she recently had a client, who called her cell phone while Suzanne was on vacation, wanting to order 400 chocolate dipped strawberries for an event. Number one – in Suzanne’s experience unless it is for a party of 400 that is to many and many of the strawberries will go to waste. Normally people will eat one at an event and many people won’t eat any at all (shocking I know!!), so she is trying to convince the client to pare down that number.
If you are looking for a caterer that will listen to your wants and needs, and will advise you on food quantity, so you are not wasting food or money, give Suzanne Smith and Food for Thought Catering!
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