Todays speakers included Cindi Thordarson from Ecographics Printing ; a full service, short run, color printing company out of Lakewood, Colorado. She spoke about the different colors in printing and how they look different when printed on different kinds of paper. She also spoke about the PMS (Pantone Matching System) coloring system and how it works. She has many different charts and examples to share with her clients so they can see how different colors print with different kinds of paper. She explained how important it is to be specific with your printer on the color you want and what you want it printed on. Cindi and her team are great because they will take the time to explain this to you and help you with your choices.

Cindi Thordarson

Ecographics Printing


The other speaker today was our behavioral optometrist, Dr. Dorothy M. Parrott out of Lakewood, Colorado. Today she spoke about macular degeneration and some of the things they do in her office to help with it and prevent it. They use many different treatments at her office including color therapy. She explained how important color therapy can be for moods and healing.

A couple of key points she made:

~ Wear Sunglasses

~ Smokers are the most vulnerable

~ Nutrition is important to the health of your eyes

~ Antioxidants are important to the health of your eyes,

* CQ10

* Alpha Lipoic Acid

~ Melatonin is great for preventive maintaince on your eyes. It makes you tired so she recommended you take it at night. About 3mg is all you need.

Dr. Dorothy M. Parrott

Behavioral Optometry