Today we didn’t have a speaker – so the board decided that it would be a good idea for our members to have an idea where Connect Club came from. Helen Masterson, our board president, spoke of the history of Connect Club. Our group was started in 1986 with the original founders being Robin Gilbert – a realtor, Carol Weatheral – a financial planner and Madge McCready – an Amway Rep., all three were members of an Ali Lassen leads group. They thought that it would be better to have an all women’s business group that would focus more on exchanging business information and keeping informed about each business in the group rather than the structured format of the Ali Lassen group. Juli Parrott of Table Mountain Travel is one of the original members of this group. We have had two other leads groups that have spun off our group, one is Connections – which meets in the morning and the second meets on Tuesdays. Our meetings prior to coming to the Red Lobster have been held in a variety of locations including the Bull and Bear, the Little Theatre Dance Studio and the FFT Back Room at this location we had to guarantee a certain number of people and had only two food choices. We moved to Red Lobster 16 years ago – they have accommodated us with a private room and a wide choice of food off the regular menu that is within our price range and includes Lobster Pizza once a month. We are always looking for new members – we do remind you that if you are bringing a guest, please contact the board. The only reason for this protocol is that we have had a few guests that have been in conflict with other current members. We would like to thank our two substitutes Becky and Cheryl for taking the time to come up with good commercials for the person that they are representing. Connect Club also has two social events a year – one in the summer and one at Christmas for past and current members. If you want to have an Open House at your office Connect will reimburse you 50.00 for food and drink. One last reminder if you have any questions about our rules and regulations refer back to your purple folder that was given to you when you joined, if that doesn’t answer your question please talk to the board. Helen had one last thought for all of us from Oprah Winfrey “My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life but doing the best at the moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”