Today’s first speaker was Dr. Dorothy Parrott of Behavioral Vision Care in Lakewood, Colorado. Dr. Parrott talked to us today about a common vision problem that we have all heard about, Lazy eye or Amblyopia and how visual training can be very effective in correcting this issue. Lazy eye is a condition where one eye sees clear and the other eye does not – although the “lazy” eye is otherwise healthy. This condition is more often than not caused by blocked tear ducts in infants, where the eye is unable to keep itself clear and the brain will shut it down. When this condition is present it requires surgery to corrected it and most optometrists will not operate until a child is four or five years old. Waiting this long can cause the brain to set up a feedback loop in the brain, which will set back the rehabilitation time for the patient. Lazy eye can also be genetic, as one of the main causes of amblyopia – strabismus – has a high genetic component. Strabismus is when eyes are not lined up correctly which leads to double vision causing the brain to ignore the vision from one eye. Our vision works in layers receiving information from the right and left eye and layering them together and sends the image to your brain. So in patients with “lazy” eye, Dr. Parrott uses foils, a piece of film placed over the lens, on the good eye to trick the brain into using the bad or “lazy” eye. With appropriate prescription lens and visual training – Dr. Parrott can cure “lazy” eye in patients from 3 to 80 years old.

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Our second speaker for today was Juli Parrott of Table Mountain Travel in Lakewood, Colorado. The first item Juli mentioned today was that the travel hot spot this year is Italy and wanted to let us know about what to pack and things we should know when traveling in Europe.  First and foremost pack really comfortable shoes – the best way to see the sites is on foot and the roads and sidewalks in areas  are cobblestone and uneven making walking in high-heels a challenge. Juli’s second point was dress appropriately for the location, if you are touring – churches – shoulders, knees and mid drift must be covered, or they will not let you in. Make sure you have rain gear – it will rain unless you are in the desert. Juli reminded us that to travel anywhere outside of the United States you need to have your passport which must be valid up to 6 months after your return. Also take two photographs or color copies of your passport and keep one  in your luggage and one with someone you trust at home. This way if you loose your passport you can take that copy to the US Embassy in whatever country you are visiting and they will re-issue you a passport right there. Keep an eye on your purse or wallet, just as you would anywhere. Before leaving check with your cell phone company about international service – or you could get hit with huge bill when you get back home. Juli said that using the local land lines and phone cards is a really good bet and can be cheaper than your cell phone. Juli also talked to us about the Euro, Euro Traveler Cheques are not the preferred method of payment as there is bank fee to the merchant – you can check with your bank about using you ATM card on your vacation and getting cash there – in the past the exchange rate was better on credit cards, but check with your provider as there may be a service fee involved now. Also Juli reminded us to get about 200.00 Euros here before leaving so you have cash when you get off the plane, that way you can get cash away from the airport where the exchange rate will most likely be better. A simple reminder to not carry all your money in one place or on your person, just like having the copy of your passport – you want to have it separated so you have some just in case. Some quick tips to keep in mind when visiting Europe – be aware that most places close for lunch between 12:00 and 2:00 and stores are not open late and dinner depending on the country is served between 7:00 and 9:00 pm. Another small item to keep in mind is that in a hotel with key cards – the key turns on the lights and if it’s a big key – you are to leave the key with the front desk when you are not in the room. If you are looking for a quick get away or a longer Italian get away give Juli Parrott of Table Mountain Travel a call and she will set up the perfect get away designed for you!

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