Today our spotlight speaker was called out of town so Angela Wilhelmi of NuSkin Galvanic Spa stepped in and took her place. Angela’s presentation today started with a demonstration on herself and her varicose veins that she got from her last pregnancy. So she pulled her pants up to her knee and spread the NuSkin Body Gel and the NuSkin Peppermint Gel, which provides extra circulation and stimulation to the effected area. The peppermint gel will help speed up the changes to the effected tissues using the gel in conjunction with the line corrector head on the Galvanic Spa. Using the line corrector for this application will allow you to focus the gels into a small area and increase the repair to the vein. Angela will be doing this treatment everyday for 10 minutes and give us an update in a week. Angela went on to discuss a client who was battling gangrene on one of his feet – he started using the Galvanic Spa on the effected area for 10 minutes a day. He was noticing significant changes in just two weeks and after the third week the area was almost completely healed. Angela went on to explain that with the Galvanic spa you can use it, not just for tightening skin and making you look younger, but also can be used to heal those areas that need help. A friend of Angela’s sprained her big toe and used the Galvanic Spa with a combination of Aspercreme and NuSkin Body Gel – on the first treatment the swelling went down. The treatments were continued for a couple days and the toe returned to normal. Angela brought a guest with her today who helped with her demonstration by passing around pictures of clients and other Galvanic users with the dramatic changes, a few of those photos include women with half face demonstrations, young girls with acne – that is now gone, women’s thighs with cellulite that has been dramatically reduced, and a couple of men with receding hair lines that had been improved with the Galvanic Spa. Angela’s guest was herself a Galvanic user and has been since she was told by her doctor that she would have to be on Accutane and birth control to control her cystic acne. She has been using the Galvanic Spa for 2 years and the cystic acne has been under control since. So when thinking of referrals for Angela – keep in mind those friends who have acne, varicose veins, and trouble spots on their body. Also for those of you who have friends who do botox, the Galvanic Spa is a natural alternative that doesn’t require shots.  

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