Angela Wilhelmi of Nu Skin Galvanic Spa was our first speaker today and she started her talk about how the recession has hurt the skin care industry but not in the way we would think – the downturn has effected Avon and Revlon – the lower end cosmetics field. On the up turn is Estes Lauder, Nu Skin and Mary Kay. They have all had increases in profits during this tough economic times. Angela did a demonstration today on hands – she used the body shaping gel on the hand of Dr Parrott to show us the difference one treatment could make. Once the gel is applied you use the Galvanic Spa on that area in constant motion which uses the negative electrons in the gel to push the gel in deeper into the epidermis. The product is based on the studies done by Dr. L Galvanie, who discovered that electricity drives life with frogs. The research done by Nu Skin has involved this principle of using electricity to drive nutrients deep into the dermis layer of your skin, most topical treatments just treat the epidermis level of our skin which is the most outer level of the skin. So, by using the Galvanic treatment you are forcing the Nu Skin gel and any other product you use deeper into the second level of our skin – the dermis layer improving elasticity which improves the look and youthful appearance of your skin. It depends what you are looking for with the Galvanic Spa – with the Nu Skin Body gel you can work on those areas of cellulite on your thighs and buns, the gel works into those layers of your hypodermis which holds your fat cells, smoothing out the cellulite at the basic level. If you are looking for a spa service you can do yourself at home the Nu Skin Galvanic System is for you. At the end of her talk Angela has Dr. Parrott show the difference between her treated hand and the untreated hand and there was a definite change in the skin on the treated hand, it looked brighter in skin tone and the dark spots looked lighter. Something to take very seriously!

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Our second speaker today was Ruthie Williams of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Ruthie spoke today about all of the Holiday Gifts and Specials that Mary Kay is offering this year. Mary Kay is offering some unique and true specials for the Holiday Season starting with the lotion and bath gel package which comes in two frangrances – ginger and spice, which is a very light scent of ginger and hint of other spices, and peppermint, which I really liked with the hint of peppermint – reminding me of candy canes. Mary kay is also offering a variety of Stocking Stuffers for those who still believe in Santa Claus. The stocking stuffers are really well priced for those on a budget, the Ultimate Mascara is 15.00, Eyesides Eye Color – 10.00, The Mary Kay Satin Lip Set – 18.00, Nourish Shine Lip Gloss – 13.00, Energizing Lotion for Feet and Legs (for those on your feet all day) – 10.00, The Mary Kay Satin Hands Gift Set – 30.00 (one of my favorites) and the Mary Kay Limited Lipsticks in Gingerbread or Pink Passion – 13.00 each. Giving you some really fun options for Stocking Stuffers this Holiday Season. Ruthie also focuses her business on makeovers and helping you out with make up for that big day, holiday party or just looking your best for all occasions. So if you are looking for a Mary Kay Representative to help you manage your skincare program,she will work with you on all of the angles in the tricky world of finding the right combination for your skin.

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