Our first speaker today was Dr. Erin Foley of Mountain Lifestyles Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center in Golden, Colorado. To begin her talk today Erin about her practice – Erin has been practicing for 25 years and has been working out of the same location in Golden for 15 years. It was very important when finding a location that it had off street parking and an elevator for her patients’ accessibility. Today Dr. Foley wanted to talk to us about the new treatment she has been training in. This NAET or Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique, this technique was developed by Devi Nambudripad, who in 1984 was a student chiropractor and acupunturist at the time she worked to develop NAET. She had been experiencing a reaction to eating carrots and she began attempting to overcome the reaction through a self-administered acupuncture treatments. While applying the acupuncture treatment she had a remnant of carrot on her skin and Devi Nambudripad concluded from this that the presence of a minute quantity of carrot during the acupuncture treatment was the key to the effectiveness of the treatment. She then formulated a hypothesis that contact with a small amount of an allergen during the acupuncture or acupressure session can remove reactions to food and other substances. NAET now has developed into a treatment that involves chiropractic, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, kinesiology and nutrition. Erin discussed with us what an allergy is and how they can affect your life. An allergy is a condition of unusual sensitivity that a person may have to one or more substances in their living environment. These are substances or foods that may be harmless or even beneficial to a majority of other people. IgE is the antibody that is responsible for immediate hypersensitivity and other reactions when it comes in contact with a particular allergen, these are classified as IeG mediated allergies and have a delayed reaction which can take place anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Anyone can be allergic to the foods, vitamins, and medicines we take throughout our lives and not realize that the sinus pain, skin rash or IBS could be a reaction to any of those items. The list of things that you can have an allergic reaction to is long including the things we commonly think of like trees, mold, grasses, peanut, and seafood to those less common like hormones, stomach acids and food colorings. The allergies can be hidden and not show themselves as a reaction because of the delayed reaction, so you have no direct connection between the symptoms and the allergen. Therefore many people live for years with chronic pain, stomach issues, IBS, skin rashes, fatigue and sinus issues that are not linked to the actual allergen. With your first visit to Erin she will test you for a variety of common allergens using kinesiology or muscle testing which is based on nerve impulses between spine and brain also the reaction of your body’s electromagnetic field to a specific allergen. Dr. Foley also has access to blood testing which can test for 145 common allergens. After the testing and the determination of what allergies you are living with Dr. Foley will treat you with a spinal treatment and acupuncture/acupressure, you will then avoid that allergen for 25 hours. Most patients will start out with the Basic 15 – 15 treatments to strengthen the immune system and eliminate the basic allergies to foods that are ingested daily by most people. The numbers of treatments will totally depend of the overall general health of the patient. You can test yourself at home using the “O” ring test. By creating an “O” with the thumb and little finger and then with the index finger of the other hand try to break the “O” while either holding or contacting the allergen. The other way to test is the Hold, Sit and Test – place the suspected allergen in a clean small jar and hold it in the palm of your hand for 15 to 30 minutes and see if you notice if you feel uneasy or experience any allergy symptoms. This can give you a starting point, however, Dr. Erin Foley can do a much more precise testing and follow up treatment to make sure you are getting what is right for you. Whether it be through acupressure, acupuncture or chiropractic means Dr. Erin Foley can find the way to go to for your best health. Even if you think you don’t have allergies Dr. Foley has treated many people that have suffered with IBS, acid reflux, skin rashes and sinus congestion that didn’t think it was an allergy. Because allergies, intolerances and sensitivities can be hidden and therefore if you have any lingering health issues you might want to consider underlying allergies as the cause or maybe a contributing factor. If you have any questions about NAET and allergy elimination give Dr. Erin Foley a call!

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Our second speaker was Linda Schaffer with GL Specialties in Arvada, Colorado. Linda took a little bit of her time today to give a little history. Linda grew up in San Diego, California and went to college there initially studying anthropology until she figured out that were no bathrooms out in the field! So after college she became an insurance underwriter – after many years working in that industry she found that the move toward less and less human interaction wasn’t for her. Linda felt that it was time to move on. Linda has been married twice with 3 step children and 5 grandchildren. GL Specialties is her second attempt at a business, her first attempt was interrupted by laundry, cooking and volunteering. GL Specialties has been in business for 15 years now and going strong. Over the years Linda has found that working with local businesses is the way to go as it is much too difficult and time consuming to get into a large national company with their corporate structure making it hard for small companies to get in. Linda strives to give great customer service and she said that 99% of the time she can get you the promotional piece that you need by Saturday even if it’s Thursday! Linda has developed relationships with the manufacturers over the years and knows which company can complete a job quickly and correctly! If you are looking for promotional products for your next event give Linda Schaffer at GL Specialties a call!

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