Our first speaker today was Denise Wing, owner of Academy National Mortgage in Lakewood, Colorado. Denise’s first comment was for all of us to keep in mind is that mortgage rates are changes constantly and be ready to lock in your rate when purchasing a new home.
When applying for a loan most all applications are online now, so you can sit in your pj’s and fill out the paperwork to get started. It has been this way for many years and has help both the buyer and the mortgage company to get a faster start on the buying process. The newest change in Colorado is the eClosing, which started to become available about a month ago. An eClosing is the act of closing a mortgage loan electronically. This occurs through a secure digital environment where some or all of the closing documents are executed and accessed electronically. This is often a hybrid process in which certain key documents, such as the promissory note and security instrument, must be printed to paper and wet-signed, while other documents are signed electronically. This can really speed up the closing process.
Denise wanted to clear up the misconception about down payments, with a convention loan for a first-time home buyer it is 3% and for a second time buyer is 5% or maximum income. The FHA down payment is now at 3.5% and a VA Loan remains at 0%. The maximum number of financed properties was 4, is now at 10. Lastly Denise spoke to us about tips for anyone trying to buy a house. Number One – Stay on your job. Do not for whatever reason change jobs or quit. Number Two – Do not apply for new credit for anything. Number Three – Do not use additional credit.  Number Four – If you have a credit freeze, unfreeze it until the mortgage process is complete. Number Five – Any recent break of employment longer than sixty days needs to have a letter of explanation. If self-employed must have been for two years. Lastly and Number Six – If you have ANY changes to ANYTHING talk to your mortgage broker!
If you are looking for a mortgage broker that will help you through the mortgage process and willing to answer any of your questions honestly, give Denise Wing and Academy National Mortgage a call.
Denise Wing * Academy National Mortgage * 303.987.0622 * dwing@academynational.net * www.academynational.net
Our second speaker today was Linda Schafer, owner of GL Specialties Promotional Products in Golden, Colorado. Linda left the insurance world after 22 years and was looking for a new vocation. What she has found with the promotional product industry, was a business that allows her to be creative and find the best product for her client. Linda has built GL Specialties on personal service and finding the best quality product that fits with your business. The first thing that Linda does when researching products for her clients is to get samples of each item that they are interested in, many companies will send free un-printed samples of most items. The items that may have a cost to them are clothing products, table cloths and large specialty items. Getting samples is very important – as some items may not look exactly like their pictures or with clothing to see and feel the cloth.
This time of year, Linda does a lot of awards for special events, she works with three main suppliers that have no minimum, no setup fees, unlimited proofs and produce quality awards. Linda passed around several styles of awards, so we could see and feel the quality. She told us that the paperweight variety are the most popular, because of the size and easy for the recipient to keep on their desk.
The second item that Linda shared with us was a new product – it is a golf ball cleaner, this is a little pouch with your logo on the outside with a clip for the golfer to hang off their golf bag. The golfer just dampens the inside of the pouch and then at anytime they can place a ball inside and squish it around. This product is very light (cheaper shipping) and the minimum order is 144 at a good price.
Linda, lastly, wanted to share was a story about customer service. One of her clients wanted to do promotional coasters. Now in the promotional product world – if you type in “coaster” there will be about 25,000 products. So, to help her client pick the best product for her promotion, Linda order samples of bamboo coasters, scuba material, paper and the one that the client picked – the stone with absorption. If you or I went to the internet and did the same search – we could waste huge amounts of time looking at pictures of coasters and would probably not be happy with the final purchase. This is what Linda can do for you when finding a promotional product that will make your business look good.
If you are looking for a promotional product that suits your business and will keep your name in front of your clients daily, give Linda Schafer and GL Specialties a call.
Linda Schafer * GL Specialties * 303.456.9035 * glspecad@glspecialties.com * www.glspecialties.com