Our first speaker today was Karen Lee of Karen Lee Massage Center in Lakewood, Colorado. Karen wanted to take her time today and show us how to give the perfect chair massage to relieve the stress of loved ones in your life. So when someone you love says “Boy I could really use a back rub you will know what to do!”  Karen used Laura Kilty from Shaklee as her test subject and so the rest of us could follow along. Karen does an energy release starting at the back of the skull once she feels a pulse and then moves down each side of the spine so that the body will start release that tension. This is giving the body the idea that it is okay to let go. Karen then starts at the trapezius working out to the end of the shoulder bone, where there is a muscle that Karen likes to pay extra attention to – as this will help to relax the arm and hand. She then takes the arm and shakes it back forth to further the release – once she feels the arm release she then pulls it back (like putting on hand cuffs) which allows her to work further under the trapezius. She then takes her fingers and rubs in circles on the shoulder blade also working into the muscle. Karen took the rest of her time by having everyone pair up and give each other the same massage she just did to Laura. Karen walked around the table helping the group with the massage technique, assisting each pair in how to do the massage correctly.

If you need a real massage and want to have your whole body release give Karen Lee at the Karen Lee Massage Center a call!!!

Karen Lee * Karen Lee Massage Center * 303.995.2117 * goteam@q.com

Today’s second speaker was Joan Brown of JB Decorating and The Design Coach in Denver, CO. Joan took her time today to speak about the 2012 interior colors for you home. Joan had a board with the new colors on it. The colors that we use in our homes actually start in being used in Europe and on the East coast first and slowly move across the country. The new colors for 2012 – Plum Point (a deep pink), Turmeric (a muted gold), Lagoon (a bright teal), Twilight Magenta (a taupe), Masada (a burnt orange) and Moby Dick (a deep navy blue). Joan, then went on to show us combinations of fabrics that would work well with these new colors and give your room a dramaticpunch.

Some tips from Joan for different preferences. If you prefer white wall and neutral furnishings – opt for just a touch of color. Decorator Sonu Mathew suggests painting the inside of cabinets and bookshelves or niches – so you get a peek of color. Another option is to go bold in a smaller pace like a powder room or foyer. This will give you the punch of color while the rest of your home has the light feel of the white or neutral color. If you like splashes of color throughout your home-create colorful vignettes display some of your favorite accessories in a grouping that reflects the ways that colors are being combined. Try painting a piece of furniture like a chair in your office or a period piece that can be brought up to date with an unconventional hue. If you are ready to go big with color-paint the ceiling. Color doesn’t have to be on the walls – by keeping the room neutral and then putting color on the ceiling you can create a dramatic effect. You can also redo the kids room, this gives you a place to experiment with bold and trendy colors – the kids will enjoy the updated trendy colors! If you need a designer to walk you through you the design process or just some one that can give you a new perspective on your space, give Joan Brown of JB Decorating and The Design Coach a call! For imaginations that hove no limits and budgets that do.

Joan Brown * JB Decorating and The Design Coach * 303.399.6208 * joancbrown@q.com