Our only speaker today was Barbara Salage, LMT, our new massage therapist, with her office in Arvada, Colorado. Barbara was born in Brooklyn, NY and from the very beginning looked toward the holistic aspects of life. She was a and still is a hippie from the 60’s, after getting married she and her husband moved out to Boulder. There Barbara met Hanna Kroeger, who is considered the “Grandmother of Health”, working with the holistic, herbal medicine and massage. She wrote many books on every topic and taught her methods around the country for many years and is still taught by her daughter today.
Barbara was in nursing school and hoping to become a mid-wife and realized that she would not be allowed to practice the way she would want to in the hospital environment. It was at that time that she was introduced to massage and followed that calling through to this day. Barbara’s current practice involves massage, healing touch and aromatherapy.
Barbara took the rest of her time today about Essential Oils, the history of essential oils for healing and improving health dates back thousands of years. The oils were used by the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, India, China, and the Middle East. They were understood much better by our ancestors. The use of aromatic oils has a long and honored antiquity. Barbara works with and sells Young Living Oils as the quality of the farms on which the plants are grown on are highly regulated – not by the government but by the company. She also feels that the environment of Young Living Oils is built on integrity and purity of their products. There are no standards for essential oils in the United States, so pay attention when purchasing oils from any store as most blends out there are 5% oil and 95% fillers. If you have any questions about the oil you are using don’t hesitate in giving Barbara a call.
The highest selling oils currently are peppermint (number 1 in sales for IBS) and lavender. The proper name for peppermint is Mentha Piperita the oil is created in steam distilled from the leaves.

Peppermint Oil is used for:
• anti-bacterial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-carcinogenic, anti-spasmodic
• digestion, circulation, respiration, musculoskeletal, immune system
• inhaling peppermint can increase mental acuity by up to 28%
• can reduce fever and hot flashes
• CAUTION: may cause a rise in blood pressure and has an icy hot feel because of the high menthol content

• In Roman mythology, when Pluto professed his love for a nymph named Mentha, his wife, Persephone – a fire with jealousy, crushed Mentha into dust on the ground. Pluto, unable to change her back, transformed her into the peppermint plant and gave her a fresh fragrance so she would smell sweet whenever she was stepped on!

Lavender or Lavendula Angustifolia is also a best seller:
• oil is steam distilled the flowering tops
• used as an analgesic, anti-coagulant, anti-convulsive, anti-depressant, anti-fungal, anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-spasmodic, antitumoral, cardiotonic, sedative
• Helps with the cardiovascular, emotional, integumentary (skin), nervous system
• Everything skin related – burns, rashes, hives, etc., insomnia, anxiety, pain
• CAUTION: it is an adaptogenic or a small amount is a sedative but too much is stimulating

• During the Middle Ages people were divided on the properties of lavender regarding love, some claimed it would keep the wearer chaste, while others claimed it was an aphrodisiac.

If you are looking for an certified clinical aromatherapist who loves helping people find their perfect blend, give Barbara Salage a call and set an appointment.
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