Our first speaker today was Karen Lee of Karen Lee Massage Center in Golden, CO. Karen has been working in the massage industry for many years and not only is she a massage therapist, in the past she has been an instructor to train and certify new massage therapists. She decided that doing both training and her own massage center was too stressful and went back to her love of removing peoples stress. Today Karen wanted to show us a type of hand massage that you can do yourself to release both mental and emotional triggers. We started on our thumb – applying pressure between the nail and joint; this will help if you are worried about a situation in your life. Then moved to the area between the next two joints on the thumb; this will help with depression and/or guilt and can help settle your stomach. Karen then had us move to the next finger the applying pressure to the area between the top joints can help with helping you through a fearful situation and applying pressure to the area between the two lower joints will help with the need to be perfect, this will also help with kidney and bladder issues. Karen had us then move on to area between the two joints on our middle finger, this will help with indecision and sooth your gall bladder. Applying pressure between the two lower joints on your middle finger will help with anger issues and help with liver issues. Moving on to the next finger – applying pressure in between the top two joints will help with a negative attitude and a loss of common sense. Then if you apply pressure between the two lower joints you can help with grief, this area can also help with lung and large intestine issues. The last finger to work on is the pinkie finger – applying pressure between the upper two joints can help with confusion and small intestine issues and the lower two joints will help with pretense and heart issues. If you are looking for a massage therapist in the Golden area that will take your stress away give Karen Lee and Karen Lee Massage Center a call!

Karen Lee * Karen Lee Massage Center * 303-995-2117 * KarenLee41@gmail.com          

The second speaker for us today was Joan Brown with JB Decorating & the Design Coach in Denver, CO.  For her talk today Joan wanted to go over the color trends and the list put out by the design industry on the popular colors. We are all affected by the colors we surround ourselves with, in our everyday life color is used to encourage us to buy products and to create feelings about places or products. Joan started explaining how the many colors you can choose for your home can affect your everyday life. The first really is not really a specific color but in using neutrals as a base can bring a comforting, relaxing and reassuring space. Neutrals are soft, and enduring and will create a grounded natural space, these colors help calm anxiety and can improve low self-esteem. The next color is actually a non-color – white. White is known for creating a clean, fresh modern feel and is often associated with innocence, balance, purity and symbolizes hope and new beginnings. White can reflect heat away from windows, and brings heightened awareness of other colors, shapes and texture you can bring into the space. It has been said that white can help with pain, high fevers and can reduce negativity. With its chameleon like quality white reflects light and is easy to light giving other colors room to breathe. Joan’s next color was gray which has the attributes of being practical, dependable, sophisticated and conservative. Gray is often associated with being safe, secure and stabile and can create the effect of a reassuring, thoughtful, comforting space. This color can help with mental strain and reducing fear. Gray is a good cusp color and is good in any color of light. The next color Joan talked about was black – black absorbs all color and light, creating a mysterious, sophisticated and elegant space. Black is often associated with dignity and power yet also bad luck and death or mourning and can create the effects of an empowering, bold and dramatic space. They say that its medicinal purposes are helping with poor circulation and colds or chills. When used in décor it absorbs light, so it can be difficult to work with. The last of the neutrals that Joan discussed was brown, the attributes of this color are an organic feel along with giving the feelings of being steady and dependable, rich and honest and creates a wholesome feel. The color brown is often associated with quality, organic warmth, stability and home and hearth and can have effects such as a comforting, soothing space that feels secure and can help calm anxiety. Brown is very easy to work with as it compliments every color in the palette. Now Joan moved on to the other colors staring of with America’s favorite color Blue. Blue comes in so many shades that it can ease you into working with color, from royal blue to cornflower blue, it is seen as creating a serene, tranquil space. Blue is often associated with reflection, meditation, a spa like quality and water, it creates the effects of a calm, relaxing, refreshing and soothing space. Used in the right way blue can help insomnia and promotes better dreams, slows the heartbeat and reduce blood pressure – remember that exposure to blue light helps with jaundice. When working with blue in a home, it can create a tranquil feel and working with a soft blue will give a feeling of space. If you are feeling bold working with red is the right choice. Red can create a feeling of tradition or depending on the shade can be dramatic, daring, passionate, fun or impulsive. Red is often associated with fire or heat, energy, emotion, romance, vitality and strength and can create a space that enhances activity, promotes alertness, nurtures passion and can be stimulating. The color red can also help with fatigue, colds and muscular aches; it also can increase your heart rate. Red is the most powerful color in a designer’s palette, but too much red can overwhelm your senses so balancing it with white can create a vibrant space. The color purple (from violet to lavender) is seen as regal, intriguing, complex and inspirational, it is attributed to royalty, creativity, intuition and spirituality. The effects if used in a room correctly can be thought provoking, balancing mind and thoughts, communicates good judgment and encourage meditation. It can also be used to calm nervousness and help with irritability. In room décor using the lavender shades it creates a calm space, if combined with yellow it can create a harmonic feeling and if combined with green will create a casual feel. When you are working with green keep in mind that this is the easiest color on the eye and depending on the shade, yellowish is associated with spring and forest greens are associated with being historic. Most often green tones are attributed with being calm and restful, fresh and natural, and tranquil and are associated with the environment, money, justice, new beginnings, healing and unity. The way green can affect us in a space is creating the feeling of renewed spirit, nurturing tour soul and enhances concentration; green can also relieve stress and can help sooth a broken heart. Green is a classic mainstay and when used correctly offers the feeling of simplified living. Yellow is often attributed to feeling cheerful, happy, playful and can attract attention; and is usually associated with sunshine, optimism, abundance, high ideals and wisdom. The effects it has when used in a space are inspiring creativity, aids in concentration, raises both spirits and alertness, yellow is beneficial for mental activity. Yellow illuminates’ interior spaces and creates a luminous, glistening and cheerful area, by using the more golden tones you can create a warm undertone with other colors. Our last color in the designer’s palette is orange, not a common color to use but with attributes like vibrancy, warmth and being friendly – why not use it. The color orange is often associated with adventure, enthusiasm, optimism, and uniqueness and when used in a space can be energizing, motivating, stimulating and supports creativity while raising your spirits. When using it in a space you can soften orange by incorporating a neutral earthtone or use a complimentary color with the same intensity. If you need to change your space and need direction give Joan Brown and JB Decorating a call to take a look at your space!

Joan Brown * JB Decorating and the Design Coach * 303-399-6206 * joancbrown@q.com