Todays speakers included Christine Metzger who owns Up Scale Plus;  a clothing store for women in Lakewood.   She spoke about her business and the many different items they carry in the store including designer purses, scarves, shoes and coats!  She also spoke about colors and determining which colors look good on you based on your skin and hair color.

A couple of key points she made today:

~  The color someone wears should never be so bright or crazy that it takes away from their face.  You shouldn’t see the color before you see their face.

~ Try and not wear whites that are brighter than your teeth!

~ Every closet should include a few wardrobe basics including some good neutral colored pants and shirts.

~ To look your best find out what “season” you are and wear those colors!

Christine Metzger

UpScale Plus


The other speaker today was our massage therapist, Dottie J. Johnson out of Lakewood, Colorado. She is a certified massage therapist who also specializes in reflexology for the hands and feet.   At today’s meeting she spoke about her business and the different types of massage she does.  She explained how important it is  for  health and all of the benefits massage can provide for your body.   Some of the benefits of massage therapy she mentioned include:

~ Better Circulation

~ Healthy Organs

~ Recovery from surgery

She says you should take time for yourself each day and just sit and breathe.  Rest is important!

Dottie Johnson

Massage Therapist