The first speaker today was Dottie Johnson, our massage therapist in Golden, Colorado. Today, Dottie wanted to share a simple way to reduce stress. The way to do that is to take a Mental Mini Vacation.

You can find peace anywhere, in your garden take time out to just observe the balance between the plants, soil, insects, wind, water.  All the life around; bees, hummingbirds, huge birds, butterflies, the wind warming our planet or the clouds and rain cooling us.

You need to rest and recharge – it is important to quiet the mind and just enjoy the peace.

Here is one way to be present to our surroundings and quiet our brains are to TUNE-in to Sensory Details.

Become a detective of the details.
Take in a breath, notice the fragrances around you, is the air hot, moist, musty, floral, salty?

How does it make you feel?

Shift your attention to your ears.  What do you hear? Each city and locale have its own rhythm, its own hum.  Every restaurant, home, park has an energy you can hear just by listening.

Tangy, pungent, sweet, sour, smooth and silky, crunchy, Full attention to your taste buds can bring you to the moment and give you feelings of joy, well-being, comfort or disgust.

What color of blue are you seeing?  Let in the kaleidoscope of colors, shapes, textures.  Widen your gaze and let your peripheral vision take in all your surroundings.

The mind loves new experiences

Quiet your buzzing brain by taking in the amazing world around you and by being present to it.

Vacations even mini vacations will not solve your problems, but they can be part of maintaining a healthy and balanced life all year round.

In just two minutes –

The two-minute mini vacation can restore laughter, joy and ease through-out your day. If you are looking for a massage therapist that will give you a mini vacation of relaxation and rejuvenation. Trust you body to Dottie Johnson.
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Our second speaker today was Suzanne Smith owner of Food for Thought Catering in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Today Suzanne spoke to us today about Colorado based food companies of there were quite a few – such as Boston Market, Chipotle, Coors, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Old Chicago, Red Robin, Qdoba and many others. The one long time company that we are all aware of is Jolly Rancher Candies. Jolly Rancher was founded in 1949 in Golden, Colorado. The founders were Bill & Dorothy Harmsen at a time when hard candy sales were growing. They named the company Jolly Rancher because it suggested a hospitable western company. They originally not only made the hard candies, but chocolate and ice cream as well, and sold them at the Ranch Made Ice Cream stores around the Denver, Colorado area. When ice cream didn’t sell well in the cold winters of Colorado, they focused on the hard candies such as the “Fire Stix”. They moved production to Wheat Ridge, Colorado in 1951 and added the line “Famous for Flavor” tag line to their advertising. Many people in Colorado can still remember the days driving by the plant in Wheat Ridge and smelling the flavor that was being made that day. In 1966, the owners decided it was time to branch out and find a larger market for their hard candies and started selling the candies to Beatrice Foods, eventually the Jolly Rancher brand was sold to Beatrice Foods. The production remained in Wheat Ridge throughout the 1980’s and into the 1990’S when the Beatrice Foods was purchased by Leaf Candy Company. In 1996, however, Jolly Rancher Candy was moved out of Colorado when Hershey Company purchased the brand and moved the production to Mexico and Canada. The Jolly Rancher Candies are still sold today in supermarkets and convenience stores everywhere.
If you need a caterer for your special event, give Suzanne Smith and Food for Thought Caterers a call!

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