Our first speaker today was Ruthie Williams with Mary Kay Cosmetics in Golden, Colorado. The part of Ruthie’s talk today was a sample of the Satin Hands scrub and Satin Lips scrub. Ruthie had small samples of each of the products and she then walked us through how to use and apply each step.  The Satin Hands set come with a scrub, a protecting softener and a shea cream – use daily to keep your hands looking and feeling great. The Satin Hands comes in two formulas the scented White Tea & Citrus and the fragrance-free set for those that have allergies. The Satin Lips Set buffs away dry skin and then moisturizes to keep lips soft, the set comes with the scrub and shea butter balm. The last sample Ruthie had for us was the Mary Kay CC Cream Sunscreen SPF 15 that delivers eight benefits in just one step. This product protects, brightens, corrects, minimizes redness, conceals age spots, defends against the sun and environmental damage, reduces visible signs of aging and hydrates your skin. The This product is a Complexion Corrector and acts like makeup to correct imperfection yet formulated like a skin care product to help nurture the skin’s beauty and is so lightweight it doesn’t even look like you are wearing anything at all. This is part of the Flawless Face system that is part of the Mary Kay regimen – with the foundation primer, the cc cream, concealer and foundation as part of your morning routine.
Ruthie then shared some very exciting news – Mary Kay is introducing a Beauty Industry First with its new TimeWise Vitamin C Activating Squares – to super charge your skin! This product is combined with your favorite Mary Kay serums and apply to your skin. In just two weeks you will noticed a more even skin tone, a more radiant look and improvement to those fine lines and wrinkles. It delivers a pure Vitamin C directly into your skin. This is truly a revolution in skin care, which is what Mary Kay does best!
If you are looking for a Mary Kay consultant that knows the Mary Kay line and will help you find the products that will work best for your skin – give Ruthie Williams a call!
Ruthie Williams * Mary Kay Cosmetics * 303.278.3520 * ruthiewilliams@marykay.com * www.marykay.com/ruthiewilliams
The second speaker today was Chala Mohr with Coldwell Banker Real Estate in Denver, Colorado. First Chala wanted to talk about two of her new listing to demonstrate the difference in pricing throughout the Metro area. The first is a single-family home in the Sloan Lake neighborhood – this home is 806 square feet above ground and a basement with 3-bedroom, 2 bath built in 1951 on the market for 475,000.00. This home is in a preferred neighborhood close to downtown Denver and 1.5 miles from light rail. Her client is someone Chala worked with three years ago and since she remains in contact with all her clients when he needed a realtor Chala is his first choice. The second listing is in southern Lakewood, Colorado and is a quadplex townhome, it has 1150 square feet above ground and a basement with 3-bedrooms, 3-bath and is on the market (and under contract) for 310, 000.00. This home is 12 blocks from light rail, a tad farther from downtown Denver and was built in 1986. Her client on this one was originally a referral from Denise Wing at Academy National Mortgage about a year and a half ago, even so they weren’t quite ready Chala sent emails, cards and even get-well cards when she knew their daughter had been sick, through that Chala has made a client. Keeping in contact with your customers even when they are not currently in need of your services is a good way to keep a client for life!
Secondly, Chala talked about market insights for the Denver area. Those millennials in Denver want to buy a home and find that the current market is the biggest obstacle, pricing them out. Denver is no longer at the top of the Case-Shiller index, now it is out the top three and has been for two months, only time will tell when it will be back there. Hackers have continued to use phishing scams and stealing home buyers’ closing funds – home owners are urged to contact either their title company or their agent through a known number to confirm any account or wire information. Here in Denver the average price of a home is 400,000.00 with continued low monthly inventory – with only 7,700 new listings. The average days on market have gone up to 22 days – with an average under contract to close now being 30 days. This has gone done significantly since the appraisers’ appointment have gone from upwards of 30 days down to a week, which is a very good thing! A couple quick stats:
• The historical average listings for June (1985-2016) was 17,160
• June 2006 had the record high with 31,900 listing and the record low June 2015 with 6,197 – compared to June 2017 at 7,059.
• Historical averages increase in active listings from May to June is 6.24% – 2017 has a significant increase in that at 19.75%
Lastly – Chala wanted to discuss client contact – in a recent study it was found that 19% of millennials never check their voicemail, while 75% of them state that they could go without a phone service at all. You must know your client and find the way they communicate. If you are looking for a realtor that works for her clients and understands the different ways people communicate and as well knows the market that is present today, give Chala Mohr a call!
Chala Mohr * Coldwell Banker * 720.341.9001 * chala.mohr@coloradohomes.com * www.realestatewithchala.com