Today’s first speaker was Ruthie Williams of Mary Kay Cosmetics in Golden, Colorado. Today, Ruthie shared with us some NEW information on the newly released Mary Kay 3D Matte Foundations!
They will be offered in Luminous as well, that is scheduled to be released August 15, 2019.
Get a gorgeous matte finish with exceptional wear, our exclusive IntelliMatch™ Technology and our patent-pending Age Minimize 3D™ Complex. Apply in the morning, and skin looks instantly matte and stays looking matte all day. When things heat up, TimeWise® Matte 3D Foundation won’t melt down thanks to the humidity- sweat- and has a transfer-resistant formula.

The Natural-Looking Matte Finish:
• 8 of 10 women said, “It’s the best match to my skin tone I’ve ever found!”
• 12 hours of oil control and 12 hours of wear.
• Special microspheres act like a sponge to absorb oil.
• Leaves no oily or greasy after-feel and won’t settle into fine lines.
• This weightless coverage foundation creates a skin-perfecting finish.
• Skin instantly looks healthier, firmer and younger.
• Blends evenly to provide buildable medium-to-full coverage.

9 of 10 women said TimeWise® Matte 3D Foundation:
• Provides a seamless match to my skin tone (91%)
• Natural-looking finish (92%)
• Helps reduce shine throughout the day (92%)
• Feels comfortable on skin (93%) and does not feel drying (90%) The Perfect-Match Shades
• Our exclusive IntelliMatch™ Technology captured the authentic, true skin tones of thousands of women from around the world.
• Three areas were scanned (forehead, cheek and décolleté) to capture over 3,000 variations of tone for more accurate data.
• The results guided every amazing TimeWise® 3D Foundation shade created, significantly improving the authenticity of our shades, not the number of shades, so more women than ever can find their right shade.

TimeWise 3D™ Foundations, $25 each
Created with exclusive IntelliMatch™ Technology for your true shade. Improved shade accuracy to seamlessly match more skin tones than ever. Includes our patent-pending Age Minimize 3D® Complex, the same as TimeWise Miracle Set 3D® Skin Care products. This complex includes encapsulated resveratrol, dual-benefit vitamin B3 and an age-defying peptide.
Also, Mary Kay will donate $1 to the Mary Kay Foundation with every purchase of TimeWise 3D™ foundation ordered until July 11!

Mary Kay® Blending Brush, $16
Our most densely packed brush applies foundation evenly in just one swipe.
· Masterfully crafted synthetic bristles allow the perfect pickup of liquid and cream formulas.
· Unique handle provides excellent control for a quick and flawless finish, allowing you to achieve professional performance at home.
· Great for full-coverage foundation application, this brush can also be used to evenly apply your favorite prep steps like Mary Kay® Oil Mattifier to create a smooth and flawless canvas.

Limited-Edition† Mary Kay® Matte Lipstick in Paparazzi Pink, $18
Your Mary Kay® Pink Changing Lives® purchase can help others. Mary Kay’s global Pink Changing Lives® Program helps change the lives of women and their families. In the United States, from April 26 – Aug. 15, 2019, Mary Kay Inc. will donate $1 from each sale of limited-edition† Mary Kay® Matte Lipstick in Paparazzi Pink to The Mary Kay Foundation?. In the United States, Mary Kay is committed to helping women and their families through The Mary Kay Foundation? efforts to find cures for cancers affecting women and to help prevent domestic violence.

Foundation of You Contest Details:
To enter the Mary Kay® Foundation of You Contest, a customer will first get shade matched by her Independent Beauty Consultant, Ruthie Williams.
Then, she’ll need to: Take a selfie showing off her favorite Mary Kay® foundation.
Upload her photo with the name of her specific shade in the caption, along with what makes her beautifully unique, to or to her Instagram® account using the hashtag #MKFoundationOfYouContest.
On Instagram®, tag Mary Kay @marykayus AND her Independent Beauty Consultant. Please note for Instagram® entries: If your customer’s Instagram® account is set to “protected mode” or “private,” the entry may not be visible and thus may not be received. We ask that private accounts be made “public” in order to be entered in the contest.

The best way to get a shade match for the new foundations is to contact your Mary Kay consultant and schedule a time together.  Stripe testing is most accurate way to shade match, especially for those harder to match skin tones.

They just came out with samples for the TW Facial Peel.  Let me know if you are interested in this product.  Time Wise Revealing Radiance Facial Peel Thanks to the power of glycolic acid, skin’s own natural renewal process is enhanced as younger-looking, more radiant skin is revealed. See clinically tested results in two weeks!  Skin looks brighter.  Skin texture is significantly improved.  Fine lines and wrinkles look reduced. Skin tone looks more even.
Our Microderm Abrasion set includes a pore minimizer.  Get the look of polished, younger skin and significantly smaller pores with this two-step system.  It immediately, skin looks younger, and pores look smaller. Dramatically improves skin’s texture.  Visibly improves the look of fine lines.  Makes skin high definition worthy.
If you are looking for a Mary Kay consultant that knows how to find the best skin care regimen for you give Ruthie Williams a call!
Ruthie Williams * Mary Kay Cosmetics * 303.420.3359 * *

The second speaker today was Denise Wing, owner of Academy National Mortgage in Lakewood, Colorado. Denise stared out in the credit field at the age of 18 when all credit was run by hand. It took longer to get credit when she started than it does now. Denise will still run your credit “by hand” rather than run them through the automated system, which prevents a hit on her client’s credit.
Denise then spoke to the top ten mistakes homeowners make in their home.
1. Using Traditional Light Bulbs – using regular incandescent light bulbs is like throwing money away. During its life-time an incandescent bulb can use $100, a CFL bulb for the same time span will only use $41 and the LCD bulbs, which use only $30. Although the new bulbs can be expensive switching them out can save a lot of money.
2. Ignoring a Leaky Faucet – if a leaky faucet is dripping at a rate of one drop per second will waste more than 3,000 gallons of water per year, and with the cost of water here in Colorado that really adds up!
3. Using the Wrong Air Filter – changing the air filter on your furnace in not only important for the air quality inside your home, a dirty or wrong sized filter can reduce the air flow throughout your home. Using the wrong size filter makes the mechanics work harder than it should and will cause expensive repairs done the line.
4. Not Having a Programmable Thermostat – investing in one of the new programable thermostat will save a lot of money in heating and cooling of your home.
5. Not Adjusting Air Vents Correctly – does one area of your house stay hotter or colder than other parts? Adjust your air vents to create the correct air flow and ensure that the entire home is receiving the correct amount of heating and/or cooling.
6. Over Watering the Lawn – many homeowners have the sprinkler system timed to come on in the early morning hours for lawn health. You need to inspect where the water is actually going at the beginning of the season to make sure you are not watering the concrete or a broken sprinkler head. Doing this will ensure you are losing money on your water bill.
7. Water Heater temperature Set to High – the water heater is just that, it heats the water and keeps the water in the tank at a pre-set temperature constantly. If it is set to high you will be paying to keep the water hotter than needed. Lower the temperature during the summer months can save you money throughout the season.
8. Leaky Windows and Doors – without the proper sealing of the windows and doors you are allowing cold wind in the winter and hot air in the summer that the HVAC system has to compensate for and adds money to your energy bill.
9. Paying a Handyman – doing the simple tasks around your house will obviously save you money. If you are unsure how to take on a particular job, look it up on the internet where you can find unlimited videos about how to do the job and do it safely.
10. Don’t Ignore Your Roof – ignoring your shingles will only lead to bigger problems down the line. If you see any problems, curling shingles, missing shingles, crooked vent caps or anything that may not look right, have a roofing contractor come and take a look.
If you are looking for a mortgage broker who knows the ins and outs of the industry and will walk you through the entire process give Denise Wing and Academy National Mortgage.
Denise Wing * Academy National Mortgage * 303-987-0622 * *