Today’s first speaker was Ruthie Williams from Mary Kay Cosmetics in Golden, CO. Today Ruthie did a hands on demonstration with the Mary Kay foundations. The first foundation she showed us was the Mary Kay Crème to Powder, mostly marketed toward teens – this foundation goes on as a powder and then dries to a powdery matte finish once on the skin. For those with alcohol sensitivities this foundation does contain alcohol. The Mary Kay Crème to Powder comes in the old style compact style, with ten tints and costs 14.00. It has a very smooth and cool feel. The next item Ruthie brought out was the Mary Kay Day Radiance foundation – the oldest in the Mary Kay line – this foundation is a crèmebased foundation and is for very dry skin. Testing it on the back of my hand it is very creamy and smooth. The cost for the Day Radiance is 14.00. The next foundation Ruthie had was the Mary Kay Liquid foundations – which actually comes in two formulas. The medium coverage foundation for oily skin, which offers true color for up to eight hours and the full coverage for dry to normal skin, which offers true color and hydration for up to six hours. These foundations come in 20 different tints and at a cost of 14.00 per tube. Ruthie’s next Mary Kay product is their Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer with sunscreen (spf 20) and comes in six tints. This product offers the benefit of a three in one application and is very light feeling on the skin, at the cost of 18.00. The last item for demonstration today was the Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation, which does require a special flat bristle brush for application and applied in a circular motion for best coverage, it is very light and allows for build-able coverage. The Mineral Foundation costs 18.00 and the Mary Kay Mineral Foundation Brush costs 10.00. Ruthie explained that the Mary Kay Foundations come in shades and tints, the shade is the deepness of the color the shade numbers start at 100, being the lightest and 808 being the darkest shade. The tints are the undertones – there are five undertones: yellow (most common), pink, more pink, olive and bronze. Let Ruthie Williams from Mary Kay find the right foundation for you with a consultation!

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Today’s second speaker was Juli Parrott from Table Mountain Travel in Lakewood, CO. Juli wanted to talk today about her recent trip to Croatia, the coastal part of what used to be Yugoslavia. The area is covered with 15 of UNESCO World Heritage Sites which encourages countries to ensure the protection of their natural and cultural heritage. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites are broken down into four categories-cultural (689 sites), natural (106 sites), mixed properties (25 sites) and countries/states (148 sites), Juli was able to visit three sites in her trip to Croatia. The beginning of the trip included a drive up the Adriatic coastline, which took them longer than the inland route, but from the pictures she brought well worth it! The first place they visited was Dubrovnik, which is positioned at the end of the Isthmus of Dubrovnik, it is a walled city and the one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They offer a two mile walking tour that will take you atop the wall, were although a very strenuous walk, the views of the port and city are beyond words. Another area that Juli visited while in Croatia was Trogir, which has a high concentration of a wide variety of architecture and also on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The islands original Greek settlement still shows in the orthogonal street plan along with the Roman churches and Fortress make this city well worth visiting. Another city that Juli visited was Split, which has also survived as a Greek colony in the 6thcentury and Roman possession in the middle ages, the diversity of populations that have built this city are once again shown in the architecture throughout the city. At the center of this city is Diocletian’s Palace, also on the UNESCO World Heritage List, built on the 4thcentury it is the world’s most complete remains of a Roman Palace. The one complaint Juli shared with us about her stay in Split were their accomodations– they were on the fifth floor and it was 86 stairs up to their unit. One of the last place they traveled through was Kotor which is in the state of Montenegro. The Port of Kotor is a beautiful walled city – another of the UNESCO Heritage Cities, is a site with the red tile roofs and the deep blue of the Adriatic Sea. There is a hike the you can do, Juli didn’t have time, into the limestone mountains above Kotor that includes 12 castles built through the history of the region. Juli really enjoyed the history of the country and had a wonderful visit – the one surprising thing she talked about was that local you talked to had been through war – as the separation of Yugoslavia happened in the 1990’s. Most of the countrymen can tell you about the month without water and power or the bombs reigning down in the middle of the night, these tales of war are hard for us to think of as reality but was a terrible reality for the up and coming destination travel site. So if you want to get away whether it be into the mountains of Colorado or the mountains of Croatia – Juli Parrott at Table Mountain Travel can get you out of town!

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