Our first speaker today was Ruthie Williams with Mary Kay Cosmetics but she still has laryngitis so Edna Miklos will be speaking for her. (thank you Edna!!!!)

Ruthie brought in the new Look Book catalogs with her today so please share. First, she had us turn to page 26 in the Look Book Catalog you received the mail from me, there is a sample of the new Enchanted Wish fragrance, take a look at the beautiful bottle this fragrance comes in.  Samples are only available in the mailed books that Ruthie has sent to you.  The extra Look books that she has here today do not have the fragrance sample in them.  However, she does have a fragrance sample to pass around so you can see what it smells like if you didn’t get one in the mail, just scratch card to release fragrance. Ruthie also brought the NEW Enchanted Wish Body Lotion to pass around. This is also on page 26 of the Look book along with the last item in the Enchanted Wish set the Enchanted Wish Shower Gel available.  All items I can order for you!

Ruthie also has a Spring flier to pass around that highlights all the new regular line products and Limited Edition products.  Please note which are the Limited Edition on the flier. These are available while supplies last.  Ruthie had a few of the NEW products to pass around for us to look at.

Then Ruthie had us turn to page 14 & 15 in the Look book. The eyeshadow Palette that was being passed around is NOT a sampler, please do not try, but just look at the beautiful shades!  There are 2 different Eye Color Palette’s available.  She only had one to show as the others Ruthie ordered have already sold but she will always order more for you! The Palette that was passed is called Glistening Horizon.  The other one that she wasn’t able to bring in is called Sunlight and as you can see on the flier and in the Look book both are just gorgeous.  They are beautiful Spring colors!  The customer that she sold one of each to came over and showed her the Glistening Horizon Look and it was soooo gorgeous!  It was just stunning!

Also on those same pages are the nail color, there are 3 colors available. 1. Vivid Sunburst which is a bright Tawny color, 2. Luminous Mauve, a medium pink, 3. Brilliant Violet, a beautiful lavender purple as we saw thru the bottle that was passed.  All are so very pretty!

Next, Ruthie discussed the New Limited Edition Glossy Lip Oil.  She is very interested in these, not sure what to expect.  She had the Magenta Ray (DEMO) to pass around, you can try this on the back of your hand, squeeze GENTLY. This is a wonderful lip product, very moisturizing to the lips.  “Ranging from subtle and sheer to pigmented, these glossy lip products are infused with grapeseed, avocado and jojoba oils.  They quench and smooth lips with colors that don’t bleed.”  There are 3 gorgeous shades: Brilliant Violet, Magenta Ray, & Sheer Pink.

Keep Ruthie Williams in mind for all your Mary Kay needs.  She does book appointments at my home where you can come for a facial, or color consultation, try on colors to find what looks best with your skin tone. Working with Ruthie you can do eyes, or lips, or cheeks or do the whole face!! Mary Kay has several skin care lines, all interchangeable…to find the best fit for your skin.  Our skin changes about every 10 years…you will need to tweak your skin care to adjust to these changes.  Skin Types are: Dry, Normal, Combination, Oily.  Ruthie would love to help you fine the skincare to give you that radiant look you deserve.

Last but by all means NOT least, Ruthie had Door Prize/Thank you gifts today.  She decided to give a special thank you to her TOP 4 Connect Customers for 2016!

Top Connect 2016 Customer: Ginger got the Beautiful Iridescent Evening Clutch bag, exclusive from Mary Kay
2.      Second Top 2016 Connect Customer: Linda got a full package of our wonderful facial cleansing cloths that are easy to use and to take to the Gym or on a trip…Take one or more in a ziplock snack or sandwich bag.  Simply slightly wet, rub together to work up a lather, wash face, rinse, PAT dry.  Apply moisturizer.  Go!
There are 2 Full Size Satin Hands Hand Creams, one is Fragrance Free, one is White Tea & Citrus.  Both with NOURISHING SHEA CREAM, you 2 Ladies decide which you want.
3.      Third Top 2016 Connect Customer: Joan – Full Size Satin Hands Hand Cream
4.      Fourth Top 2016 Connect Customer: Edna – Full Size Satin Hands Hand Cream
Keep Ruthie Williams in Mind for all of your skincare needs!

Ruthie Williams * Mary Kay Cosmetics * 303.278.3520 * ruthiewilliams@marykay.com * www.marykay.com/ruthiewilliams


Our second speaker today was a very special visitor to our group, her name is Phoebe Kochis and she is the 2017 Colorado Miss Amazing Teen. She told us that women with disabilities have so very much to offer. Phoebe, herself, has been dancing for 13 years and is in a dance company that competes with typical people and she has also been a Junior Denver Bronco cheerleader. She also volunteers in the community and has started her own business that helps people with Down’s Syndrome live healthier lives. She works alongside her mother as a health coach – helping as many women with disabilities learn about healthier life choices. Women with disabilities are among the poorest people in the world and Phoebe wants to change that! She wants to bring awareness and empowerment to other parts of the world, especially Central America where she lived for a short time.

A little information about Miss Amazing, Inc. – it is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising self confidence in girls and young women with disabilities. The first Miss Amazing Pageant was held in 2007 in Omaha, Nebraska, by Jordan Somer, who volunteered with Special Olympics as a young girl. The Miss Amazing Pageants maintain the same experience and remain dedicated to teaching life skills through the interview, introduction, evening wear and talent competitions. These pageants also strive to nourish and support the local community organizations that are dedicated to helping people with disabilities. The division winners get a taste for community service as they give the proceeds from the pageant back to the community. Not only do the proceeds go back to the community, but also the canned food items collected from the participants as their participation fee.

Phoebe’s main reason for being here with us today is that she is getting ready to go to the National Miss Amazing Pagean and needs to raise funds to make that happen. Phoebe will be one of two women going to Nationals from Colorado! The ways to donate to help Phoebe get there are send a check to Miss Amazing, Inc. – 1109 Parc Dr. – Papillion, NE 68046 – Make sure to write Phoebe Kochis on the memo line. The other option is to donate through Phoebe’s donation page – https://donate.missamazing.org/fundraiser/912772.

Phoebe has big dreams just like anyone else. She wants to be a chef and own her own dance studio one day! Phoebe also want to continue her work teaching people to lead healthy lives and encourage women and girls with “other abilities” to reach for the stars!
Let’s all support Phoebe get to the National Miss Amazing Pageant and donate to her journey today!

Phoebe Kochis * Colorado Miss Amazing Teen * https://donate.missamazing.org/fundraiser/912772