Ruthie Wiliams Mary Kay talk February 16th 2022
Today we’re going to take a walk through the Winter Look Book catalog starting in the back. when you get it mailed to you that’s when you can get samples inside if they have them available.

Inside the back cover on page 35 it gives you a summary of the limited edition and special edition products that we currently have. So, our limited edition intuitive pH lip balm it comes in two colors pink and Berry and it’s not going to look the same on any two people because it reacts to the chemistry in your body and gives you a shade that is perfect for you. it also talks about the two fragrances that there are samples of on page 11. Then on page 34 it begins with the roll up bag and the brush collection and our brush cleaner, which is a great way to keep your makeup brushes clean and sanitary. they do build up bacteria after a while so be sure you do clean them regularly. This page does explain each individual makeup brush and tells what is for. So like the all over eyeshadow brush it fits naturally into the eyelids delicate contours for easy blending. the eye crease brush that’s designed for the eyelids contours and creates a professional dimension to any eye look etc. Each brush is explained so if you’re looking for something specific it’s very easy to find what you need but as your consultant I am always here to help advise you and guide you to what is best for you. Next on that page is our three different compact sizes and then our perfumes for women and for men.
all right let’s move on to page 33 at the top is our lip glosses and they’re divided into three categories cream lip gloss, lip gloss which is more opaque, and that which is pearlized and a little more see-through and the shimmer is the one that has more shimmer to it. then moving down to the true dimensions lipstick it gives you the shades this is a very moisturizing lipstick regular and Sheer shades…and it has a unique tube that you push the top in and then it comes out the bottom it doesn’t come apart like your normal lipsticks you can consider it your 007 lipstick… LOL, anyway then we come down to the Mary Kay gel matte lipstick this is a matte lipstick, it is not the creamy formula, it’s going to stay on so if you like a matte lipstick this is the category you would want to choose a shade from. the next one is the Mary Kay gel semi shine lipstick these are more like our cream lipsticks that were retired, these are if you like the cream lipsticks this is very moisturizing lipstick as are the true dimensions. then there is the lip liners the different colors of our cheek color blush and then our highlighter and contours. onto page 32 at the top are all the eyeshadows now I want to point out that some of the eyeshadows after the name has a little asterisk. what that asterisk means is those are the matte shades. you can use the matte shades even for eyebrow color if you wish. the matte shades, they don’t have any shimmer or glitter look to them, they’re just a matte. they go on well, these chromafusion eyeshadows last up to 12 hours they stay put and they’re really easy blending and they look great. but that’s how you tell the difference between the shimmer shades and the matte shades just look for that asterisks and there are some examples of colors to put together toward the front off the catalog or call me and I can help you put some colors together. Under that is our Mary Kay liquid eyeshadow that comes in a tube with an applicator in four shades the eye primer which is great to put on and your eyeshadow stays put even better for a longer even longer wear. then the lash primer this is an awesome product you use it on your eyelashes before you use your mascara, and it helps your mascara create a longer looking longer lasting coating on your lashes. then we have all of our mascaras, and it tells you at the top of each box a description. This one is a comb and a fan out then the next one is lengthening the next one’s for definition the next one’s is waterproof or expand and extend and then volume. Below that are our eyeliners and our brow pencils and brow tint. there is a gel eyeliner and then there’s the waterproof felt tip eyeliner and then there is a regular pencil that rolls up and down, we’ve got a volumizing brow tint which is wonderful and then you’ve got the precision brow liner which is a very fine tip. and then they’ve got the original classic blonde that is a pencil that you sharpen, and it is our lightest shade of blonde brow pencil. moving on to page 31 this helps you with your flawless face. these are our foundations and under eye and concealer type products, you’ve got your beauty blotters which are great to carry if you have oily spots and throughout the day you just take one out blot it dry and throw it away these are not paper, they’re made of linen, and they soak up the oil and do not disturb your makeup. oil mattifier is great to put on before your foundation, this produce helps absorb oil and helps control shine. our foundation primer with SPF 15 is a wonderful product for use underneath any of our foundations or even just to wear by itself it enhances the wear and it feels really good going on, it feels like a gel going on but it just feels really good on your face. then there’s the under eye corrector which is kind of a peach color which is the opposite on the color wheel of the dark circles that we want to get rid of and hide and so that’s why that color works so perfectly under your eyes. we have the Mary Kay finishing spray to spray on your face after you finished everything to set for a longer lasting up to 16 hours of wear. We’ve got several shades of perfecting concealer and it goes on very well blends well, the key is to start with a small amount and add more. Our CC cream is very popular it has sunscreen of SPF 15 and it also has color correcting that’s what the cc means. it helps give you a nice coverage but not as much as a full foundation and it’s great for easy fast on the go application as well. We have our Mary Kay 3D foundations and Matte and luminous. Matte is more for people that have combination to oily skin and the luminous is more for dry to normal skin we have a lot of shades. I have not found anybody I can’t match yet
The best way to get a match is in person where we can do a stripe test it’s hard to do it long distance or by just looking but to get the perfect match a stripe test is the best way to do it if you would allow me the time to do that we can find your best shade. There’s the Mary Kay blending brush this is a wonderful brush to apply your foundation and it blends it so well if you prefer a brush a sponge or your fingers for foundation application then you have that choice we offer all those options. there is the cream to powder foundation which fits in the compact and most people use of sponge to apply it. it goes on as a cream and dries to a powder. We have our new Mary Kay silky setting powder this is our new all over powder there’s several pages in the front of the catalog that explain more about this powder it can be used alone or on top of your foundation to set it. Okay we have our sheer mineral pressed powder that is if it’s in the compact as well and it’s just a pressed powder that you apply with the sponge or a brush and then we also have our translucent loose powder and it is totally clear there is no color to it, it matches anybody and it’s a great way to set your foundation as well.
Moving on to page 30 it talks here about the skin vigorate brush and the facial cleansing head and the massage head we’ve got additional moisturizers here that it talks about and our extra night cream which is so very popular, our energizing mint Bliss for feet and legs great for cramping if you get leg cramps too with the mint Bliss. The Mary Kay hydrogel eye patches, I love those I put them on right after my shower and let him sit for 20 minutes while I’m doing my hair and they hydrate smooth and cool the under eyes and help with puffiness and dullness there’s also the indulge soothing eye gel with calming influence botanical blend and this is a great product to have with you during the day as well especially if you’re doing a lot of computer work and your eyes start getting tired you just pad a little bit of this under your eyes and it’ll help refresh your eyes.