The first speaker we had today was Ruthie Williams with Mary Kay Cosmetics in Golden, Colorado. Today Ruthie had the new Fall and Holiday products that she shared with us!  Mary Kay has many exciting NEW products plus an awesome NEW skin care line certified as “Natural” products.  The Skin Care line is called, Naturally.  There is a Cleanser, Exfoliating Powder, Nourishing Oil and Moisturizing Stick.

Ruthie started out by telling us about and passing around the Mary Kay Limited-Edition products.
First, product is the NEW! Limited?Edition† Mary Kay Ultra Stay™ Lip Lacquer Kit
You can make your holiday hugs and kisses transfer proof and kiss proof with this innovative two?step, color?locking technology. The set includes the lip lacquer, lip lacquer sealer and lip lacquer eraser.  In three standout shades: Cherry, Plum or Rose. Ruthie applied the Rose.  Apply lip lacquer in one swipe on top and bottom lips, let it dry.  Then apply the sealer.  This makes your lips feel so soft and creamy and look beautiful!


Next, the NEW! Limited?Edition† Mary Kay® Fragrance Travel Spray.  These clutch companions are the perfect gifts for women who enjoy freshening up on the go.  In one of three Mary Kay® eau de parfum fragrances: Forever Diamonds®, Cityscape® and Live Fearlessly®.  You can smell them, so yummy!


Next up, NEW! Limited?Edition† Be Delighted® Body Mousse.

You will delight in this creamy, whipped formula that nourishes skin and leaves it feeling soft and velvety smooth and smells so nice too!


NEW! Limited?Edition† Gift with Purchase Mint Bliss™ Socks

Get a FREE†† pair of warm and fuzzy socks with the purchase of Mint Bliss™ Energizing Lotion for Feet & Legs.

NEW! Limited?Edition† Mary Kay Mad About Masking™ Mask Pod Gift Set.

Packed with personality, these four playful facial masks are perfect for travel, spa time at home or merry masking with friends. Includes four single?use pods: Miss Pore?fect™, Energy Queen™, Lady Serenity™ and Dewy Gal™.   Perfect time to pamper yourself and maybe your friends as well!

Here are 2 limited Edition Eye Color Palettes with a mini refillable compact!  When you purchase $55 or more of the limited-edition palettes or Matte Lipsticks you can get this cute makeup bag for $5.00!  These include some NEW limited colors and some existing colors.



Personalize Your Approach TO SKIN CARE with the NEW Skinvigorate Sonic™ Skin Care System.

Are you still cleansing by hand? There’s a lot you’re missing, like makeup, dirt and impurities – those things that you can’t see, so you think your skin is clean, but is it? The Mary Kay® Skinvigorate™ Cleansing Brush will make you think differently. Use the device with your favorite cleanser* or serum* to gently cleanse or massage. This will maximize your daily skin care regimen. Sonic smart technology offers multiple benefits to your skin in seconds for a consistently superior experience every time.  More than 200 oscillations per second remove four times more dirt, oil, impurities, makeup and pollutants than hand-cleansing alone.  Three speed settings + an automatic one-minute shutoff = a customizable, consistent clean every time.  Rechargeable, cord included.  SONIC-POWERED MASSAGE MEETS AGE-DEFYING RESULTS – Add the facial massage head, sold separately, it can deliver more than 24,000 sonic-powered micro-massages to your face and neck in just two minutes.  A spa-like experience relaxes facial tension and helps serums absorb better.  With daily use, skin appears younger-looking and more radiant.Ruthie ran out of time to go over the Naturally line of products by Mary Kay Cosmetics and will cover those items when she speaks next. If you are looking for a Mary Kay Representative that keeps up with all of the current trends, give Ruthie Williams a call.
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Our second speaker today was Kay Cruson, our accountant and tax prep person in Lakewood, Colorado. Kay pulled the Merriam Webster dictionary to define “cooking the books”, which is defined as changing the official records of how much money was spent and received.
If you can find a way to cook your books, you have to much time on your hands and if discovered – fines, restitution, court time and jail time could be in your future. The Internal Revenue Service is the last entity you want to make unhappy; their powers are far-reaching and can be cumbersome to say the least. Don’t cook your books!
When meeting with the Internal Revenue Service keep in mind that when they ask you a question – they know the answer. They can do address matching with the Preet System – one new client was claiming head of house on her taxes and the IRS agent asked for her address and found that there were four other adults living at that address – no head of house there.
Conversely – cleaning up the books is what Kay Cruson does for her clients. The new client’s books are time consuming, as she will run a full analysis to verify what has been done in the past. An analysis is similar to an internal audit, which reviews your assets and liabilities that are verified from outside sources, bank statements, credit cards and loan statements. Along with income and expenses with your checks, equity and invoices. Audits review the documentation, then requests verification of a sample of the population, your documentation versus reality. Auditors will then issue a letter with the results of the audit. Your documentation is key along with a good filing system.
While performing an analysis, if Kay sees something that she does not like or understand, she will ask nicely to clarify the issue, the Internal Revenue Service will not be.

When starting an analysis Kay will review the chart of accounts, there are three of these to work with:
Standard Chart of Accounts – covers most possible accounts that can be used
Industry Chart of Accounts – Each “industry” has a chart of accounts per that industry
Customized Chart of Accounts – Customized to your particular business/situation
If you have more than one place to put an income or expense item – that is to many. If you have a question use the “Ask My Accountant” feature in Quickbooks.
Simplified down to:
Assets – What you own
Liabilities – What you owe
Profit – Gross Profit
COGS – direct expenses that will be apportioned to a client/customer
Expenses -indirect/operating expenses
Other Income
Other Expenses
Miscellaneous – Please try not to use this account.
If you are needing an accountant to look over your books – give Kay Cruson a call, she will put you books back in order!
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