Our two speakers today were Linda Schaffer from GL Specialties in Arvada, Colorado and Helen Masterson from Masterson & Friends Communications in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. They wanted to share their time today and talk to us about marketing. The first item that Linda told us was that with your marketing you must not be a one hit wonder. You cannot market your business with just one hit, meaning if you do a marketing campaign it must have a plan to follow up and then readjust and do it again. Another thing that you must keep in mind when marketing to your cliental is that you must know your audience and the most effective way to contact them. Not all people want to be contacted through email, some people want to be contacted via phone or mail, so it is best to use a variety of forms of marketing when promoting your business. Maybe start with a email newsletter to be followed up with a personal visit and a marketing piece then try a mailed piece and lastly follow up with a phone call or personal email. A program like this will not overwhelm current and potential clients but at the same time will keep your name in front of them. The point of including your current client list in any marketing program is keeping a balance between keeping your clients and getting that next new client. So never forget your current clients!! Thank you cards and holiday cards are a really good way to keep in contact with your current clients and to let them know that you appreciate their business. But don’t just use the Christmas holiday to thank them think outside the box and maybe send a card out during the Thanksgiving season. By doing this you may be one of a few that get in front of them during that time of year. The next thing that Linda wanted to talk to us about is business cards – always have business cards on you, you never know when you will meet your next client! However don’t just carry your business cards if you carry business cards from a number of other industries – that way you can help out some one and they will remember you for helping them.  Now as Linda Schaffer passes the topic of marketing off to Helen Masterson, she wanted to mention PMS colors – when you say I want a dark blue to a marketing or printing person keep in mind there are around 100 different mixtures of just dark blue. Those of us who work in the industry can pick a “dark Blue” for you but we will need to know do you want a purplish blue or a turquoise blue?? Helen Masterson of Masterson & Friends took over with the comment you need to keep in mind that what color you pick can affect your business and colors that men hate are purple and turquoise. Understanding the meaning of color as well as the use of color and how colors interact in print and electronic design in order to convey the right tone, message and to evoke the desired response to your brochure, newsletter, ad, website or publication. Colors are non-verbal communication as they create a physical and emotional reaction. Examples Helen pointed out to us – police officers wear dark blue to convey authority, your UPS carriers wear brown to show us that they’re reliable and hospital staffers wear light green scrubs to evoke ease and tranquility. If you use a lot of yellow legal pads or post it notes these help with concentration, however to much yellow can overstimulate you. The reason many prisons are gray is that this color can have a stabilizing and calming effect due to its neutrality. Why do politicians use a lot of red and navy blue, well, with the color red it conveys strength, confidence, power and passion and the navy blue conveys authority, trust and peace. If pink is your favorite this is often considered a color of universal healing. Helen then wanted to finish with some comment on websites and the internet – color is not the only important thing – the first 20 words on your website are the most important and should be directly at your clients and not about you! So carefully consider what your website says about you. Remember that many people to search for business on their phone and the number one complaint is that the phone number are to small to read, so up the point size on your number so it can easily be read on the phone. A blog associated to your website can be a way to interact with your clients and get those weekly updates out. This will never replace eye to eye – so remember to get out of the office and visit clients. So if you need marketing pieces like pens or someone to write about your business give either Linda Schaffer of GL Specialties or Helen Masterson of Masterson & Friends a call they can take your marketing to a new level!

Linda Schaffer * GL Specialties * 303-456-9035 * glspecad@glspecialties.com * www.glspecialties.com

Helen Masterson * Masterson & Friends Communications * 303-467-9680 * helen@guestguidepublications.com