Our first speaker today was Lori Bush-Engel with Modern Woodmen in Golden, Colorado.

Lori Bush-Engel * Modern Woodmen of America * 303.862.9616 * www.modern-woodmen.org * lori.bush-engel@mwarep.org

Our second speaker today was Dotti Johnson, our massage therapist in Golden, Colorado. Dottie took her time today to show us the adventure of her trip through the Panama Canal. She had a slide show of pictures from the beginning of the trip to the end. Dottie also shared a couple of her experiences, a tour of a banana plantation, visiting a turtle sanctuary, a river cruise and of course the experience of going through the Panama Canal. At the end of her talk she had a video put together by the cruise line that showed the 8-hour passage in 5 minutes! If you are looking for a wonderful massage therapist, “Trust your body to Dottie”!
Dottie Johnson * Massage Therapy * 303.229.7220 * dottiejjohnson@comcast.net