Today’s first speaker was Debbie Caperton of Premier Designs Jewelry of Lakewood, Colorado. As usual Debbie gave us, her normally spirited talk. Starting with her left right story with jewelry boxes, the people who ended up with the boxes receiving 5.00 off any jewelry purchase after her speech.  Debbie, then using her mannequin Mandy, displayed the new and latest styles of jewelry. The new trends in gold are going towards matte gold, this is not your grandmother’s gold. It is versatile and not fragile-bold and pleasing to the eye. Also, the trend toward tri-tone combination of gold, silver and copper brought together in some new and striking pieces. She also brought out some silver pieces displayed on a blue back drop. Blue is one of the best colors to wear with silver as it make the silver absolutely pop! Silver is also said to give off a very positive energy. Debbie also had several “no man bracelets” – you don’t need a man to put it on.

Debbie Caperton – Premier Designs Jewelry – 303-988-7119

The second speaker was Dottie Johnson, CMT – our massage therapist of Lakewood, Colorado. Dottie spoke today about reducing stress and staying healthy. Her first topic was on reducing stress, #1 – Call Dottie and get a massage, #2 – take a 1 minute retreat (stop-breathe-release) #3 – Making a choice to see things in a different way (inside job-our perspective creates most of the stress we experience) #4 – Make an appointment to receive a massage #5 – Take a 1 minute vacation (daydream of your favorite place)      #6 – Time out 10 to 15 minutes of pampering (do what you enjoy – whether it be gardening, playing with pets or cranking up the music and dance. #7 – Get that massage. #8 – Think positive-if you can’t change it, don’t worry about it. #9 – Exercise moderately daily (stretching – arm & hand, posture) Dottie then showed us two new stretches. The first is putting your palms together and pulling away from your core and the second clasping your hands  behind your back and pulling out to the sides. #10 – Call me and get a relaxing and rejuvenating massage. #11 – Do Tai Chi and Yoga – these improve physical functioning, lowers blood pressure, eases chronic pain, relieves anxiety, slows bone loss & alleviates insomnia.

Her second topic was on staying healthy: Eating non-genetically modified foods is a good start, then include potassium, 5 or more potassium rich vegetables and fruit a day, introduce probiotics the healthy bacteria such as yogurt, include omega 3, vitamin b1 and a B-complex in your supplements, and reduce your intake of red meat and replace it with fish, poultry or organic soy foods.  In looking for Non-Gentically Modified foods you are best to stick with foods that are labeled organic and stay away from processed foods – most processed foods have some genetically modified ingredients.

Dottie Johnson –  Certified Massage Therapist  –  303-229-7220