The first speaker today was Debbie Caperton from Premier Designs in Lakewood, Colorado. She spoke about the different kinds of jewelry that women wear today from costume to fine gems and precious metals. She told us how the company was started by a couple in Texas back in 1985 and how the company has been built by selling quality high fashion jewelry. Debbie always brings enthusiasm when she speaks and wants her listeners to have the same joy in wearing the jewelry as she has. She brought a model with her today and several sample pieces of jewelry to show us and share.

Debbie Caperton

Premier Designs Jewelry

Lakewood, CO


Our second speaker today was Genie Reynolds from Magic Genie Realty out of Lakewood, Colorado. She recently became certified in “staging” when it comes to selling a home. Today she spoke about what that means and a few tips for the rest of us. When a realtor “stages” a home they are making the home more pleasing to the eye and giving it that extra something to sell it. This could include moving furniture around, replacing furniture, adding decor or taking away decor. Removing some of the personal aspects including too many photos of the family who currently live there. This is something that her clients pay for but can make a huge difference in selling the home!

Genie Reynolds

Magic Genie Realty


Lakewood, Colorado