Today’s first speaker was Joan Brown of JB Decorating and The Design Coach in Denver, Colorado. Joan wanted to talk today about The Design Continuum and Design as a Language, so when decorating blend with care. There are four styles of room design to work with.

Traditional – This style reflects the old European World – royalty or country life and includes antiques or their reproductions. These types of spaces will have heirlooms, tapestries, embellished pillows, old-world patterned area rugs, oil paintings of landscapes and portraits. Interiors are decorated with inlaid wood, hand painted finishes, carved fireplaces, ornate frames, crown molding, fringes, tassels, needlepoint or monograms. The light fixtures are decorative with crystals and gilding. Traditional style uses lots of accessorizing with luxurious touches.

Transitional – This style combines the old world and contemporary furniture with straight lines. In this style you can combine antique artwork in a gilded frame with a clean lined, mid-century styled sofa or an abstract painting next to a carved leg writing desk. Rugs for this style should lean to the solid or geometric patterns. In a transitional style home furnishings can be ethnic such as an armoire made from Chinese gates or carved wood Moroccan chairs. Transitional spaces are more comfortable with fringed pillows in updated fabrics.

Contemporary – This style is more modern but is not purely so. Furniture and lines are more relaxed with comfort being important. This can included chenille or modern prints with the color being brought in on an accent wall, colorful pillows or in a simple collection of vases. This style allows for comfort in look as well as in function.

Modern – This style offers clean lines that feature metal finishes, sleek surfaces with zero excess. The Modern style will usually includes chrome, leather, glass stone and highly finished woods. Furniture may look more sculptural and less comfortable than other styles. These rooms tend to be neutrals or black and white, wall colors will tend toward a shade of white or grayish white. In these spaces color is reserved for the artwork – either neutral or bold but always abstract. The area rugs will tend toward solids and light fixtures are minimal and spare with windows either bare or covered with very simple blinds.

If you need an interior designer that can identify your space and help you design the right space for you give Joan Brown a call!

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Today’s second speaker was Juli Parrott of Table Mountain Travel in Lakewood, Colorado. Juli wanted to discuss the ebola virus and going on safari in Africa, are you safe? She first explained the continent of Africa is bigger than most people think and you can actually fit the United States within its borders three times and contains 54 countries. The areas that are affected by the virus are in the western part of the continent while safaris are in the southern part. You have to consider that you are closer to the affected area while in Madrid Spain than you are in the southern regions of Africa. As long as you take precautions while there you should have no trouble staying healthy and having a wonderful safari!

Juli, then gave us a quiz that I will post here:

1)      Which state is the Nutmeg State?

a)      Ohio  b) Nebraska  c) Connecticut  d) Vermont

2)      Which Colorado hotel did Stephen King write “The Shining”?

a)      The Broadmoor  b)  the Brown Palace  c) The Hotel Colorado  d)  The Stanley Hotel

2a) Bonus question – In which room?

3)      What is the Colorado Gemstone?

a)      Diamond  b) Aquamarine  c)  Emerald  d)  Topaz

4)      During President Theodore Roosevelt’s visit to this famous hotel – the Teddy Bear was invented when the maids stuff and sewed a toy bear for the President to cheer him up after a fruitless grizzly hunt?

a)      The Oxford  b) Hotel Colorado  c) Beaumont Hotel  d) The Stratel

5)      What was Ho Chi Minh City called first?

a)      Phnom Penh  b) Saigon  c) Ha Noi  d) Da Nang

6)      What was St Petersburg called for most of the 20th Century/

a)      Kazan  b) Kaliningrad  c) Leningrad  d) Moscow

7)      What is the largest country in South America?

a)      Brazil  b)  Columbia  c) Venezuela  d)  Bolivia

8)      What is the most visited tourist attraction in Iceland?

a)      Tabacon Hot Springs  b)  Strawberry Park  c)  Mineral Springs  d) Blue Lagoon

9)      Which is NOT one of the Seven Wonders of the World?

a)      Petra in Jordan  b)  Machu Picchu in Peru  c)  Great Wall of China  d) Panama Canal

10)   What is the largest body of water on earth?

a)      Indian Ocean  b)  Pacific Ocean  c)  Atlantic Ocean  d)  Arabian Sea

See the answers below and if you need a travel agent to book you that bucketlist trip of just need to get to a business meeting give Juli Parrott and Table Mountain Travel a call!

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Answers: 1-c,  2 – d Rm 217,  3 – b,  4 – b,  5 – b,  6 – c,  7 – a,  8 – d,  9 – d.  10 – b