We had three speakers today, the first to go was Joan Brown of JB Decorating of Denver, Colorado. Today Joan wanted to discuss with us about her new division, The Design Coach, the new interior re-design service. This new division of JB Decorating, offers a service that will give you options to re-do, re-use, re-purpose & re-arrange with your existing furniture and space. Joan will consult with you to maybe move furniture from another room and find those little touches to accentuate and define your taste and style. Today, Joan wanted to give out some simple options that we could look at in our homes. This first of these option is to RE-DO: This category includes those small things that one can do in their home such as replace the baseboards to unify the space, add crown molding to enhance and heighten the space, you can add chair rail to define the space, replace those ugly hollow core doors, in kitchens or bathrooms add new hardware or paint the space to create big changes. Other small things you can do – is to change out your outdated light fixtures or window treatments. If you want to step it up a bit you can upgrade the flooring or replace your windows. The second option is to RE-USE: the plan here is to walk through all the rooms in your house and reshuffle items from one room to another – many of us are so used to a piece of furniture in one place that when moving to a different space – it can totally redefine not only the piece but also the new space. Other things you can do in this category is to cover up flaws with a picture or mirror or slip cover an unattractive piece of furniture – slip covers have moved into the 21st century and are easier to use and much more attractive than they used to be. The next option Joan spoke to us about was RE-PURPOSE: This option includes finding those vintage suitcases and stacking them to make an end table or using your ottoman for a coffee table. She suggests to go flea market shopping or to second hand stores and find those simple but unique pieces that will define your space. Joan also spoke about when furniture shopping to ask about pricing on the floor model – this is a great way to get a piece of fine furniture at a great discount! The last option is RE-ARRANGE: This option talk about changing the furniture placement and traffic pattern of a room – this is guaranteed to make your space feel brand new. Another thing you might want to keep in mind is to simply de-clutter a room – getting rid of half of the knick knacks can go a long way into refreshing a room! So where to begin: Number 1: is hiring a decorator who will give you direction and ideas for your space. Number 2: collect pictures of rooms and deco that you like or find interesting. Number 3: work from a plan – which room – which things and stay focused! Number 4: have a focal point – something special that sets off the space or a specific theme that defines the space. The last thing that Joan discussed with us was low cost replacements or re-use, such items that are easy to replace or move around like table lamps, mirrors, clocks, vases, wall art, silk or real plants, faux displays of fruit, twigs, swags or wreaths. These can be purchased at Pier One, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for a really inexpensive price and can really liven up a space. Also – keep in mind your walls – use that space for a gallery of your favorite pictures or prints that you have collected over the years can become a gallery for you to enjoy everyday! “The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the most of everything.” If you need someone to look over and RE-PURPOSE your space give Joan Brown of JB Decorating and let her be you Design Coach!

Joan Brown * JB Decorating and The Design Coach* 303.399.6208 * joancbrown@q.com


Our second speaker today was Cindi Thordarson of Ecographics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado. Cindi took her time today to let those new to our group let her know where she came from and how she got to where she is. Cindi started out be being the first girl to take wood shop in her jr. high school in 1977 in Spokane, WA and really didn’t realize how big of a deal that was until her 20th high school reunion when one of her class mates told her that their teacher took all of the boys aside and told them that they needed to treat her just like they would any other classmate… This was enlightening to Cindi – because when she was hauling around 8 x 8 sheets of plywood on crutches and no one would help her – it all came back and she realized that maybe her dropping out of Home Education (which she got a D) was kind of a big deal. Her start in the printing world was in her high school that had a full service printing/graphics shop, where her teacher told her upon finishing high school that she would never get hired on as a press operator – because she was a girl. Well, about 5 years after graduation and some college and working in hotels, 7-11 (3rd and Broadway – for those in CO, fun place to work… besides she met John Elway there) and some free lance graphic design work – Cindi moved to the lovely hamlet of Vacaville, CA got hired on at PIP Printing. She was hired by the manager there not because she had experience but because the manager liked her attitude. Cindi learned a lot about working within the frame work of eco-friendly printing, as California, even in the 80’s, they had some of the toughest regulations on printing. The experiences in California taught her a lot about eco-friendly printing and what a company can do to lessen the impact on the environment without being eco-crazy. This learning experience gave her a great base for working in her current shop. Not only did working in California help her with being aware of the environmental impact of printing but PIP Printing cross trains all of their employees in every aspect of the operation, this allows for all employees to be a more versatile. She also mentioned the use of acrylic based inks in California and how the soy based inks used today have really come along way to improve the printing and impact on the environment.  At Ecographics they work to keep their clients happy with the best service and quality printing based on what the client needs and wants. There was a mention from another member that Cindi should say that Ecographics Printing was nominated for one of the small businesses of the year by the West Chamber! If you want customized service and quality eco-friendly printing with 20 yrs of experience on how to get it done for you give Cindi at Ecographics Printing a call!

Cindi Thordarson * Ecographics Printing* 303.238.7791 * cindi@ecographicsprinting.com * www.ecographicsprinting.com


Our third speaker today was Lori Bush-Engel of Modern Woodmen of America and for all your financial needs give Lori a call!

Lori Bush Engel * Modern Woodmen of America * 303.880.4084 * Lori.Bush-Engel.com * www.modern- woodmen.org

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