Our first speaker today was Joan Brown of JB Decorating and The Design Coach in Denver, Colorado. Today Joan wanted to discuss “The Eight Ways to Dress a Room” this system is uses the same principles as when you dress yourself.

  1. The Purpose – What is the day’s agenda; dressy, professional, casual or stay in your pajamas. Same for your room – what activities you do in the space determines how you dress it; is it a private or public space, for formal entertaining, working or just putting your feet up.
  2. The Style – Are you Jackie Onassis or Lady Gaga. Your taste in clothes whether it is classic, funky, eccentric or tailored should carry into your home design. You don’t dress like someone you aren’t so don’t decorate like a fraud either. Designer Elaine Griffin has one rule – “rooms should look like those that live in them.” Joan Rivers –a riot of color or Calvin Klein – revolve around black, taupe and ivory.
  3. The Basics – Foundation pieces anchor both your outfits and your rooms. In clothing, the foundation pieces are the skirts or slacks, the dress or suit. In rooms they are the main upholstered pieces – the sofa, chairs or bedding. Elaine Griffin states “a classic neutral sofa is your little black dress.”
  4. Pops of Color – Every outfit and every room needs a spike of color. Whether it be a red tie, bright scarf or stripped stilettos, in your room bright pillows or lampshade even a leopard print rug.
  5. The Bling – A touch of sparkle completes both an ensemble and your interior. It doesn’t have to be much but it does have to reflect light. Metallic buckles, a ring that glitters, wrist watch or bangle bracelets do for an outfit what a crystal bowl, silver candle sticks or a mirror does for a room. Elaine Griffin calls lamps the earrings of a room and are very important.
  6. The Wrap – Jackets and outerwear are to an outfit what drapes are to a room – they complete the package.
  7. Combine Textures – A little cashmere here, a little satin there, rooms need contrasting finishes. Contrast sleek with rough, shiny with matte and soft with hard.
  8. Lay It Out – When putting together an outfit it helps to lay the clothes out swapping tops and ties, earrings and belts until the ensemble clicks. When designing your space put together a design board with paint swatches, floor samples and fabrics let you visualize your room the same way.

If you need help visualizing your space give Joan Brown at JB Decorating and The Design Coach help you along the way. Joan can do the whole job and purchase the products for you or come in and give you specific ideas for you to work with. JB Decorating is for “imaginations that have no limits but budgets that do.”

Joan Brown * JB Decorating and The Design Coach * 303.399.6208 * joancbrown@q.com


The second speaker today was Cindi Thordarson from EcoGraphics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado. Cindi started her talk telling the newest members of our group where she came from. Cindi started out by being the first girl to take wood shop in her jr. high school in 1977 in Spokane, WA. She didn’t realize how big of a deal that was until her 20th high school reunion when one of her classmates told her that the wood shop teacher took all of the boys aside and told them that they needed to treat her just like they would any other classmate… This was enlightening to Cindi – because she finally understood why when she was hauling around 8 x 8 sheets of plywood on crutches and no one would help. She started off in the printing world in her high school that had a full service printing/graphics shop, where her teacher told her upon finishing high school that she would never get hired on as a press operator – because she was a girl. Well, about 5 years after graduation and some college and working in hotels, 7-11 (3rd and Broadway – for those in CO, fun place to work… besides she met John Elway there) and some free-lance graphic design work – Cindi moved to the lovely hamlet of Vacaville, CA got hired on at PIP Printing. She was hired by the manager there, not because she had experience but because the manager liked her attitude. Cindi learned a lot about working within the frame work of eco-friendly printing, as California, even in the 80’s, they had some of the toughest regulations on printing. The experiences in California taught her a lot about eco-friendly printing and what a company can do to lessen the impact on the environment without being eco-crazy. This learning experience gave her a great base for working in her current shop. Not only did working in California help her with being aware of the environmental impact of printing but PIP Printing cross trains all of their employees in every aspect of the operation, this allows for all employees to be a more versatile. Cindi also talked about the use of acrylic based inks in California and now the soy based inks used today have really come a long way to improve the quality of  printing and impact on the environment. Cindi then showed us some of their current projects – an invitation for a fundraiser for St. Judes Children’s Hospital, two forecasts for 2013 for a local accounting firm, some new business cards and a roster and summer schedule for a local country club. They all had a very finished and polished look.  At Ecographics Printing they work to keep their clients happy with the best service and quality printing based on what the client needs and wants.

Cindi Thordarson * EcoGraphics Printing * 303.238.7791 * cindi@ecographicsprinting.com * www.ecographicsprinting.com