The first speaker today was Joan Brown from JB Decorating and The Design
Coach in Denver, Colorado. Joan wanted to talk to us today about her Hunter
Douglas Product Promotion – Nov 1 – Nov 30th. She told us that
Hunter Douglas offers the top of the line products and innovations – their
product innovations eventually move down throughout the entire industry. Joan’s
first item she wanted to talk about was the Pirouette line. She had a product
sample that she held up and showed us how the various operating options work.
The Pirouette shade is a soft horizontal fabric vane that is attached to a
sheer backing that allows the open and close feature to control the light in
your room and offers a room darkening feature. It comes in a 4” or 5” vane
option with three fabric options – linen, satin (flat with a shimmer) and crepe
in a wide variety of colors. The Pirouette allows offers two operating options
– the EasyRise, which is a spring loaded riser and the UltraGlide that has a
retractable cord. This model has high energy efficiency, 99% UV blockage when
closed and 86% UV blocking when open and includes a lifetime warranty. The next
line Joan talked about was the Country Woods, this is their wood blind line
that includes a wide variety of whites and wood finishes. All the woods are
coated with Top Shield Protection against fade, moisture, scratching and
chemicals. All of the Country Woods line are 100% genuine hardwood, basswood,
cherry or oak. This line offers 3 styles of valance options depending on the
style of your house – you can get a valance that works with your taste. The
line also has a large variety of decorative tape, that covers the strings, up
to a half inch wide, you can pick the color that matches your interior design.
The riser options for the Country Woods are the Literise or Powerwise both with
child safety features and a lifetime warranty. Everwood Collection, their
alternative wood blind, coated with a PVD free plastic coating and offers a 2
or 2.5” wood slat comes with an elliptical shape that reduces light bleed. They
apply a TruGrain finish to give it the most realistic finish and comes with 4
options of valances. The Everwood Collection comes with Performance Plus
Protection that covers against fading, yellowing, warping and bowing for the
life of the product. This collection has an easy clean surface and completely
washable – is perfect for high humidity, extreme temperatures and direct
sunlight. Hunter Douglas also offers MotorRise riser that has a remote – the
bottom rail has a triple a battery pack that operates the motor. If you are
looking to update the blinds (or any other area) of your home give Joan Brown a
call and she will help you refresh your space on your budget!
Joan Brown * JB Decorating and the Design Coach * 303.399.6208 *

Our second speaker today was Faye Luther of Farthest Star Cookies in
Golden, Colorado. Faye started her talk today speaking about how she started
her company and where the name came from. Faye explained that the farthest star
is the dream you’ve always had, the dream you always thought was too far away
to reach. Some of us grow out of our dreams; some of us dream new dreams; and
some of us decide to try for the farthest star. We decide to try knowing that
just by trying; we will grow and be better for the effort. Faye’s dream started
with a chocolate chip cookie. She loves to bake and one day, it occurred to her
that the combination of Irish Cream liqueur and chocolate chips would make a
wonderfully decadent cookie. So she whipped up a batch and a business was born!
All of her cookies are new, unexpected and delicious; true gourmet cookies. What
followed was the desire to make sinfully unique cookies that can be enjoyed by
adults. Faye noticed that every bakery out there offers only a standard variety
of cookies – peanut butter, sugar cookies and of ‘course chocolate chip – all
being great cookies but Faye wanted to venture into something different. All
but one of her cookies contains alcohol, although you can eat her cookies and
drive. She bakes them in two sizes the Farthest Star Cookie Shots – which are
approximately 1.65 oz. and nearly 3” in diameter and the Farthest Star Mini
Shots which are roughly half the size and weight of the Cookie Shots. At
Farthest Star Cookie they use only quality ingredients and high quality well-known
liqueurs to produce each and every cookie. There are no artificial
preservatives or colors beyond what is already in the few ingredients that they
use. Available for Christmas – Faye is offering tins filled with cookies for
gift giving – she brought the tin lids for display – which vary from snowflakes
to a true Christmas theme. Faye took the rest of her time to go over a few of
her cookies.
Irish Crème Chocolate Chip – her first creation – Irish crème liqueur and semi-sweet
chocolate chips are the dynamic duo in this cookie.
The Northface – this is a soft chocolate and peppermint cookie made with
Peppermint Schnapps, a tasty combination.
Peach Schnapps Sugar – this is a
simple sugar cookie, but with the added depth of Peach Schnapps.
Zamora Margarita – this cookie has
natural lime and orange flavoring with tequila added for the kick. Faye lightly
salts this cookie, well, because it isn’t a Margarita without the salt!
Cocoa Curacao – Yummm, this is a cookie on the outside and a brownie on the inside –
a rich combination of chocolate and Cocoa Curacao liqueur.
Faye’s sales are mainly on line check out her website at and place an
order for your Christmas party!
Faye Luther * Farthest Star Cookies * 720.393.0757 *