Today’s first speaker was Joan Brown, owner of JB Decorating and The Design Coach in Denver, Colorado. Joan’s talk today was a very informative discussion on the Do’s and Don’t of Decorating.
Don’t push all your furniture against the wall – This is very old fashioned and when going into old castles or old Victorian homes you will see all the furniture up against the walls. You want to create different spaces with the furniture, making different areas into a place to have intimate conversations among your guests. You can do this by using rugs and angling the furniture and adding lighting for that space alone.
Don’t short change your space – When moving into a new space or purchasing new furniture, measure the space, doorways, staircases and most critically the furniture.
Don’t jump the (paint) gun – Although it is not the easiest – wait to paint until you have the upholstery and accessories selected to find the perfect color. For a more cohesive look and to add drama, choose 3 colors to use throughout out your home. The first is the major color, this is largest area, secondary color should add interest and the third color should be the accent which is the spark and is most common brought in through art and pillows.
Don’t omit the shiny stuff – Using metal and mirrors to help bounce the light around a room. Reflections create an atmosphere, add drama and can lengthen and enlarge the space. Remember to place your mirrors where they reflect something of interest and not just a blank wall.
Don’t make impulse purchases – Just because something is on sale, doesn’t make it a good buy. When you buy something always have a plan, measure everything (size does matter) and pay close attention to color.
Don’t be satisfied with an ON/OFF switch – Lighting sets the mood of a room, so layer the lighting. Purchase plugs and switches that have a dimmer option for more range in the light. This enables you to add atmosphere, accents and drama.
Don’t play the match game – If everything in your space is the same color there is no focal point. Mix colors, textures and patterns to avoid the matchy-matchy look, coordinating colors will bring more interest to the space.
The popular colors out there right now are blues, greens and grays, for resale staying with the grays creates intimacy and interest without being in your face. Another current trend is painting the ceilings in an accent color rather than white. This draws the eye up and can create intimacy within the space. The last thing that Joan wanted to discuss with us was one of the quickest ways to lighten up a space is to de-clutter. Most of us have lots of treasures that we want to share or see in our space – it is best to change them out and only have a few out at a time. This way you can change it up every couple of months or maybe even seasonally. It will allow you to truly enjoy the items that are out and when you switch them out you can really appreciate the items that you have.
If you are looking for someone to redesign your space or to help you reimagine your space give Joan Brown and JB Decorating a call!
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Today’s second speaker was our newest member Vera Kiphardt, a Real Estate Broker for Leprino Homes in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. In 1991, following another field she also loved, Vera took a pre-internet-era test which indicated her skill in helping others, interpersonal dexterity and mandate for excellence made her an ideal candidate for real estate. 25+ years and countless homes later, the test has proven true as Vera continues to provide her own unique brand of what true excellence in real estate means.
Vera was born in Sweden and became a naturalized citizen at the age of 12, Vera brings with her life experience extensive knowledge of world affairs. Having lived in Hong Kong a short time under British rule, this daughter and niece of tulip farmers in the Netherlands, Vera remains fluent in Dutch and makes time to visit her many friends and family still living in the land of windmills.
She started her real estate career in Wheat Ridge and has considerable experience in the Golden and West-area, Vera keeps up with the market in the entire Metro Area claiming her favorite parts of town as the most historical parts of Golden, Arvada and Denver. She has bought and sold homes from Brighton to Colorado Springs. Vera is also on the Ethics Review Board to uphold the standards of the industry. In this role, Vera listens to complainants with their issues and makes recommendations based on the Code of Ethics of the Standard Practice of the National Association of Realtors. Most of the complaints she has witnessed are broker to broker but there is some client to broker complaints.
Vera gave us a couple of tips on preparing to sell your home. Number one is hire a stager – they can work to make your home appealing to the most buyers. Number two – use neutral colors avoid bright colors and accent walls. While walking through homes she has noticed that the gray that Joan spoke of is very popular and does give homes a fresh clean and open feeling. Lastly, another reminder to de-clutter, remove as many personal items from your home as possible. You want your home to appear lived in but allow potential buyers to see their stuff in the space.
If you are looking for a Real Estate Broker that knows the area and has the experience to handle just about any situation that can arise while buying and selling a home – Give Vera Kiphardt of Leprino Homes a call!
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