Our first speaker today was Tina Kiel with Farmers Insurance in Golden, Colorado.  Today Tina wanted to talk to us about what the steps should be when you have been in an accident.  Since we are in the season on winter weather and slippery roads abound, accidents will happen. Tina gave us a list of the suggested things to do once you have been involved in an accident.

1)      Check for injuries of all the people in your car – if there are injuries dial 911 immediately

2)      Move vehicles to a safe area – out of the traffic but still close to the incident

3)      Check to see if it is safe to get out of car

4)      Check with the other driver for injuries in their car – if so call 911

5)      Take pictures of the other vehicles’ license plates – that way if they do leave the scene you have a way for the police to find them

6)      Get the names and phone numbers of any potential witnesses for any future questions

7)      Get the other driver’s – drivers’ license number, insurance policy number and the driver’s name

8)      Take pictures of damage to all vehicles involved and the area in which the accident happened

9)      Wait for the police or trade insurance information and go on your way

Having the police come to the site of the accident will help in determining fault and will most likely give a ticket to the at fault driver. If you are determined to be at fault the evidence you collect may override the police opinion in court, so make sure you get all the information you can. Remember that an At Fault Accident will raise you insurance rates for a minimum of 3 years. So you really need to make sure that the facts in an accident are documented clearly and carefully! If you need an insurance agent that will take time to find the best policy for your situation with a personal touch give Tina Kiel with Farmers a call!

Tina Kiel * Tina Kiel Insurance Agency, Inc. * 303-960-5290 * tkiel@farmersagent.com

Today’s second speaker was Ruthie Williams with Mary Kay Cosmetics in Golden, Colorado.  Ruthie wanted to take her time today to go over the new and limited edition products that Mary Kay has introduced for the winter season. Her first product was the limited edition The Belara Midnight Eau de Parfum, a harmonious blend of mystery and anticipation. This limited edition line also includes a body crème and shower crème to complete this luxurious set. The next product that Ruthie wanted to show us was the May Kay@Play Eye Shadow, this limited edition combination includes teal, gold and black gold for a dramatic look at all those holiday parties! The Mary Kay@Play line also offers a limit edition Lip Gloss that is super glossy and drenched in color. The last limited edition product line that Ruthie wanted share with us is the Vanilla Sugar Satin Hands Pampering Set with a light vanilla scent that will sooth even the roughest hands! Next Ruthie wanted to cover a couple of the new products that Mary Kay has introduced this winter the first being the 4 new sparkle mineral eye colors. Add drama and sparkle to your eyes this holiday season with Sparkling White, Shimmering Lilac, Glistening Gold and Brilliant Black. Ruthie reminded us that for those who are over 45 to limit your use of shimmery eye shadow to the brow line – do not use on the lid as it will accentuate lines and wrinkles. The next new product that Mary Kay released this winter is the Time Wise Even Complexion Dark Spot Reducer – this will fade the look of dark spots on all skin tones. This exclusive formula will reduce the look of dark spots in one week and by the six week of use you will have a more uniform skin tone. Ruthie’s last new item that she was really excited to share with us is the new Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush. This brush allows all of your skin care products to absorb quickly and more efficiently. It will also help your moisturizer hydrate more effectively. It removes makeup and environmental elements 85% better than cleansing by hand. This cleansing system will immediately improve the look and feel of your skin and will help polish away past skin damage to give you a more even looking complexion. Ruthie is very happy that Mary Kay has designed a system that offers a better way to exfoliate and cleanse your face and feels it is a wonderful new offering from Mary Kay! If you are looking for a Mary Kay rep that will take the time with you to perfect you skincare ritual for the best looking you give Ruthie Williams a call!!

Ruthie Williams * Mary Kay Cosmetics * 303-278-3520 * RuthieWilliams@marykay.com  * www.marykay.com/ruthiewilliams