Our first speaker today was Susan O’Kelley, owner of Avanti Insurance Services in Golden, Colorado. Susan’s talk today covered commercial insurance policies, she can cover any size of business – no business is too large or too small. The first topic she covered was workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is the system that states use to compensate employees when they are injured at work. Every state has its own workers’ compensation laws to handle the claims from employees who are injured on the job. The law is strictly No Fault, that means the fault and negligence by the employer will not considered in order for an employee to receive benefits. So, regardless whether an employer or an employee was the cause of the employee’s injury, the workers’ comp system compensates the employee for medical costs associated with a work-related injury. A worker’s compensation waiver can be used by contract employees which waives their rights to worker’s comp payment through their employer. Individuals who can use this waiver may include sole proprietors, independent contractors, directors, and business partners.
Commercial Lines Insurance address the liability assumed or property that is owned and or used by or during the course of doing business. Below are coverages that Avanti Insurance Services can offer.
General Liability Insurance is a necessity for all commercial businesses because it provides third-party bodily injury and property damage coverage. This insurance will typically include coverage for both premises and products as well as completed operations exposures.
Commercial Property Insurance applies to any structure owned by the business or where coverage is required by the lease for the fixtures, permanently installed machinery and equipment, personal property used in the course of doing business, and any inventory stored at the business.
For General Contractors such as carpet cleaner, roofer, tiler or handy man there is Contractor’s insurance. Contractor insurance will basically cover you against most third-party claims. This also can include lawsuits and complaints filed by clients and other parties whenever damages and accidents arise in your business site. The insurance will protect against claims caused by you or employees under your direct supervision.
Susan O’Kelley * Avanti Insurance Services * 303.278.2278 * info@myavantiservices.com * www.myavantiservices.com
The second speaker today was Cindi Thordarson, part-owner of EcoGraphics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado. Since we have a few new members Cindi took her time today to showcase the diversity of the projects that EcoGraphics Printing have recently produced for their clients. The first items that Cindi passed around were examples of several envelopes the they have printed on their full color envelope press. The samples included envelopes in a variety of sizes from small invitation envelopes to a large A-9 envelope. Cindi pointed out that on one of the envelopes that EcoGraphics Printing can as well do mail merges and address the envelopes for bulk mailing.
The next item Cindi passed around was an invitation for St. Jude Hospital, which includes the invitation, rsvp and envelope. This was a beautiful piece that they actually, stuff and seal before delivering to the hospital. Then Cindi passed around three different rack cards – rack cards are a very simple and cost-effective way of advertising. These can be one or two sided – full color or black and white, a rack card is a great leave behind or hand out that is smaller than a traditional flyer and more likely to be held on to by a potential client.
EcoGraphics Printing also produces a few annual reports for several different clients – Cindi brought on of the more unusual ones they have done. This had an interior page that was cut to create a space that makes it easier to read. However, Cindi said it was not easier to produce as with the special interior sheet, they have to all be put together by hand rather than machine.
Cindi, then past around a manual for a leadership trainer that they do a series of manuals for, this manual is spiral wire bound and includes tabs for each section. It took EcoGraphics Printing a couple times of doing these manuals before they could produce them quickly and efficiently for shipping across the world. The next manual for this client will be going to England.
the last item that Cindi passed around was the menu for Davies Chuckwagon Diner – EcoGraphics has been printing this menu for more than 20 years. Cindi brought this in so we could see the largest standard sheet size that they can print on their digital equipment. This menu is also laminated so they can be wiped off and kept clean for a years’ worth of use.
So for all of your large and small printing jobs keep EcoGraphics Printing and Cindi in mind – no company is to big or to small for them to work with.
Cindi Thordarson * EcoGraphics Printing * 303.298.7791 * cindi@ecographicsprinting.com * www.ecographicsprinting.com