Our first speaker today was Susan O’Kelley, from Avanti Insurance Services in Golden, Colorado. Susan spoke today about insurance claims as another follow up to the hail storm. The first item Susan discussed was what does the insurance industry a catastrophic event – such as our last hail storm – this is an event in an area that causes more than 25 million dollars’ worth of damage. Colorado’s Front Range is considered “Hail Alley” and receives the highest frequency of large hail in North America and most of the world. Being a resident here one can expect about three to four catastrophic a year and in the last 10 years the hail events in this region have caused over 3 million dollars’ worth of damage. This has and will affect homeowners’ insurance rates – having about a 10% increase since 2013. Some of these insurers are changing the way that they pay out homeowner claims by imposing a 1% deductible for wind and hail damage. Homeowners that have been changed to this new system may have a nasty shock when replacing their roof this time around – as a 1% deductible on a 500,000.00 house will have a 5,000.00 deductible. Another way insurers are changing the wind and hail damage payouts by using the actual cash value or by using a depreciation chart to determine how much of the roof will be covered. So, depending on your roof material and the age of the roof sometimes only a fraction of the actual replacement cost will be paid to replace the roof.
Susan also wanted to discuss another issue she comes across often with her clients – File a claim or not to claim. When you have an accident or an incident at your home you need to consider your deductible before filing a claim. Any claim whether there is a pay out or not on your insurance will be a negative on your insurance record. If the damage of your home or vehicle is low and your deducible is high – it is better to pay out of pocket rather than get that 250.00 check from the insurance company and have your rates go up. There are also claims that can really affect your insurance record as well as put a negative mark of your insurance record when changing insurance companies – these are dog bites, water damage and slip and fall claims. These claims are the ones that will make insurance companies look in to you before they will insure you in the future. Something to keep in mind for sure.
One last topic Susan wanted to cover with her time today and that was insurance adjusters. When there is a catastrophic event – such as our hail storm or a hurricane or an ice storm – the insurance companies have local public adjusters that live in the community and do the claim services throughout the year. When there is an event like our hail storm here these people cannot handle the influx of claim and the private adjusters come in from around the country to help. These adjusters move into the area and are sort of “free-lance adjusters” and will calculate your loss working with your insurance company. After these disasters’ the private adjusters account for 80 to 90% of the adjusters on the ground. Some work directly with the major insurance companies, the majority are independent contractors that are hired temporarily by little known companies to provide the armies of adjusters to Travelers, Allstate and the other insurance companies where the disaster hits.
If you need a concierge insurance company that can find the perfect fit for your insurance needs give Susan O’Kelley and her team at Avanti Insurance Services a call!
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Our second speaker this week was Kelly Baillie from LINCS Carpet Care in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Kelly and her husband bought LINCS Carpet Care in 2002 with a base of 1000 clients and now have more than 1800 clients that they service. The services that they offer is carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery and oriental rugs as well as water restoration. Kelly’s talk today was based on some questions that she is frequently asked. The most common surround carpet cleaning. How often should you have your carpet cleaned? There are many factors that can affect this – but to maintain your manufactures warranty every 18 months is the basis. However, the other factors that should be taken into account are – do you take your shoes off when entering, how many people live in your home and do you have kids or dogs or cats. So, if you have two people living in your home and take of your shoes every time you come home – the 18-month timeline is probably adequate. If you have more activity such as children or pets and many people coming and going you should probably have your carpets cleaned more often for your traffic areas. Another thing that Kelly said really helps is to vacuum often, the dirt and dust that we track in every day binds to the fibers of the carpet and will wear your carpet faster if left for long periods of time, vacuuming once a week can really help to save the carpet. Of’ course if you have spots or spills clean them up quickly and if it is a deep stain call in LINCS Carpet Care to make sure the whole stain is properly remediated.
LINCS Carpet Care can also reapply the Scotch Guard coating – this is a stain resistant coating that is there to protect the carpet – however – it does wear off. This can be done about every two years and is not a difficult application. When planning for a carpet cleaning Kelly says to plan for about an hour and a half for the cleaning, this does depend on the size of the space and how much furniture is in the room. The dry time can vary from a short commercial carpet taking about an hour to dry and the normal home carpet takes about two to three hours to dry. These time frames can be affected by how humid it is outside and the ventilation you have in your home.
The last topic Kelly covered for us had to do with the hail storm – as they have been doing some water restoration with home in the hail area. When a carpet cleaning company come in to mitigate the water damage if there is drywall damage the cleaning company must test for asbestos if the area is 36 square feet or larger. If asbestos is found the home owner must find a company to remediate the asbestos. If the drywall is removed prior to their arrival – however – the testing does not have to be done. Just something to keep in mind.
If you are looking for a company to take care of your new carpet, revive your old carpet or help with a flood situation give Kelly Baillie and LINCS Carpet Care a call!
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