We limit one member per business category to pass quality leads to our trusted members. All prospective members must be vetted prior to joining.

Connect Purpose:

To promote and build our businesses through networking with other members, each engaged in a different business or profession. Responsibility is accepted by each member for recruiting and increasing our membership and for actively seeking business referrals for the members.


  • Encourage personal growth in members.
  • Encourage social interaction among members.
  • We are not a “Service” or “Philanthropic” organization.

Membership Responsibilities:

  • Provide business cards for other members and Connect’s card file and replace as needed.
  • Present a 60 second business commercial and “TIP” request at each meeting.
  • Present a 15 minute comprehensive promotion of your business 2-6 times during each one year period.
  • Pay a one-time membership fee of $35, monthly dues of $10, and lunch cost $14.50 per meal. *Lunch fees are not collected while we are meeting virtually.
  • Pay for luncheons within the first two-weeks of the month and if unable to attend a luncheon meeting during the prepaid month, be prepared to either forfeit the money or get a substitute to take your place.
  • When invited to serve as a Board Member, take responsibility and recognize the opportunity in accepting this position.
  • Forfeiture of membership when the Member has more than 12 absences (15 allowed if guidelines followed as listed under Attendance) in a calendar year; when the member is in arrears for one month’s dues and luncheon fees; or when the Member’s business practices are unethical; as determined by the Board. Dues and fees are not refundable.
  • The use of Substitutes is encouraged when you are not able to attend.

Purpose of Dues:

  • For additional Connect business activities, which can include a member-sponsored event, such as an Open House, or holiday & summer parties. The Board will approve the event.
  • To pay for ongoing supplies used for Connect business and promotion.
  • Outside Speakers.


  • Twelve absences a year allowed in a calendar year. Absences can be extended to 15, provided the member has a substitute attend a minimum of 3 meetings on her behalf. A substitute is anyone other than the member listed on the application who attends the meeting and gives the Commercial and Sign-off of the absent member and is not engaged in a competing business with any other member. These twelve absences include the leave of absence.
  • Six week leave is maximum and only with Board prior approval. Request must be in writing from member to Board. Dues will be paid in advance of leave for entire length of leave; meal charges are waived. This leave of absence is included in the allowed twelve absences per year.
  • Here is a list of our substitutes:
    Becky Steinmark – 303-233-0412
    Marian Jordan – 720-226-1411
    Juli Parrott – 303-517-1824
    Vera Kiphardt – 303-949-4499 Verakiphardt@gmail.com

Interested? Connect membership is invitations-only and requires member-sponsorship.