We had a fun meeting today ~ as both of our Spotlight Speakers forgot that they were speaking. Terry Gore of Homemade Gourmet spoke first, letting us know what came out at the Homemade Gourmet Leadership Conference. The company is very stable and not experiencing the recession quite as badly as some other corporations. Homemade Gourmet is looking to the future and working up some new packaging for their products. They will be putting the Pantry Staples in boxes during the new year. Homemade Gourmet is also looking going to be coming out with shakers for the Pantry Staples as well, that way you can access exactly what you need for preparation of your dinner. This year has also brought a price increase to the Homemade Gourmet Teas, and so far they are still not offering a sugar free version, but with as many requests as they get for it – it may be something they bring out in the future. Another future item that Homemade Gourmet is looking into is lowering the sodium content of some of the seasonings, making the food healthier than it already is. Terry suggests that  for your Super Bowl Party – you put together a couple of the Homemade Gourmet dips and meals, so when the big game is on you can be were all the action is and not in the kitchen preparing food! Terry also let us know that the bundle special of the month is the Mini 4 Meals in 4 Minutes bundle,  which includes the complete meal planner and grocery list – 11 mixes and seasonings. Also on special this month are the Homemade Gourmet soup mixes – 15% off every soup mix including the limited edition No Alarm Chili mix and 11 other soups to pick from!  If you register on line now and have the items shipped to your house they are offering a free seasoning mix. So if you are looking for a way to cut down on the time you spend in the kitchen and spend more time at the dinner table with your family look in to Homemade Gourmet for another meal time alternative.

Terry Gore * Homemade Gourmet * 303-502-6782 * www.homemadegourmet.com/tlgore23912

Our second speaker was unable to make it today – Christine Metzger of Upscale Plus and UpScale Princess, so her substitute Cheryl Brungardt, spoke for her and did a mighty fine job. Cheryl started off by reminding us that cleaning out your closet and can be the beginning of a new life for the clothes you don’t wear any more. Re-use * Recycle * Re-new, for even those clothes that don’t sell, they pay it forward by going on to The Family Tree – helping women who have fallen on hard times. If you haven’t worn it in a year – take a look at it, take it to the dry cleaners and take it to Upscale Plus and UpScale Princess. Just remember that Christine doesn’t take clothes from Walmart, Target or Old Navy – that’s the Up in UpScale!!! You might want to take a look at UpScale Plus and UpScale Princess even if you are not looking for clothes – they have plenty of other accessories – purses, scarves, shoes, jewelry and swimsuits (which are new), to brighten up your wardrobe! Stop by and say Hi to Christine at UpScale Plus and UpScale Princess at 3890 Kipling St. and she what she has in stock!!

Christine Metzger * UpScale Plus UpScale Princess * 303-420-5423 * upscaleplus@earthlink.net

Also remember Cheryl Brungardt for making a great fill in spotlight speaker!