Today’s speakers included Helen Masterson of Masterson & Friends in Arvada, Colorado.  Helen always brings great humor to the group and everyone hangs on to every word she says!

Today Helen spoke about public relations and about the many ways we can communicate.  She gave 4 things to consider in our business:

1.  Stop certain things you have always done

     Look at your habits and see about breaking the bad ones.  If a monthly meeting you have been going to 

     for years really doesn’t do anything for your business consider not going anymore.

2.  Do less of certain things you have always done

     Consider outsourcing 

3.  Do more of what you have been doing

      Contact your customers multiple times.  She says send out postcards around holidays, send emails, 

      keep in contact with them.  Tell stories in your postcards, send things out on abnormal holidays.

      Know your target market and work towards those clients.

4.  Start Something new!


Helen Masterson

Masterson & Friends

Denver Public Relations


Arvada, Colorado



Our other speaker today was Terry Gore from Homemade Gourmet in Golden, Colorado.  She shared with us Homemade Gourmet’s new “Homemade in a Hurry” line.  This package comes with a variety of seasonings and season/steam bags.  These are perfect for seasoning meat and getting dinner on table in a hurry!  The package also comes with a grocery list and a video with instructions on preparing and cooking the meals that are included.  Homemade Gourmet likes the philosophy of cooking once and eating twice!  A lot of their meals are designed for this very purpose.  Contact Terry today to find out about the “Homemade in a Hurry” line!

The other thing Terry spoke about today was cooking with a slow cooker.  She suggests:

~  Buy one with a timer;  you never want to over cook your meat

~ Know the cook times for a variety of meats

~ Use a liner for easy clean up

~ When you open the lid you loose 20 minutes of cook time so keep the lid shut

Thank you Terry for also bringing in some samples today of the Cranberry Margarita and Cranberry Bread Pudding from Homemade Gourmet right here in Golden, Colorado!


Terry Gore

Homemade Gourmet

Golden, Colorado