Our spotlight speaker today was one of our new members Ann Allen of Home Instead Senior Care in Arvada, Colorado. Ann wanted to let us know what Home Instead was all about, how and why it was started. The first Home Instead office was opened in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1994, by Lori & Paul Hogan – when they were looking for a service that would allow his mother to stay at home, all she needed was a hand with certain minor things but not health care. Home Instead has grown to 900 franchises and is now in 16 countries including (and surprisingly the first foreign country) Japan. Ann and her husband bought their franchise in 1999, here in Colorado, after moving here from California, being that they were early in on the franchising they received a very large territory. Ann’s office covers from 6th Avenue to 120th and the western Jefferson county line to Commerce City. Her office has between 180 to 200 caregivers working for her at this time that care for 160 clients. Ann, then, passed out a bag of goodies as each one of us pulled out an item as Ann walked around the table and used each item to explain what services her caregivers offer their clients. The first item was a bath tub – here she tells us that bathing is one of their services, next came the feather duster – Ann explained that they offer housekeeping services as well, each item represented a part of the many services offered by Home Instead. Other services offered are kitchen cleaning and dishes, cooking meals, personal care, basic hygiene (shaving, oral care, etc.), laundry – whether it be just bedding or total weekly laundry, medicine reminders (although they cannot give medications), help with writing letters, bills or help with crafts, shopping – whether it be weekly food shopping or underwear, pet care – which means every thing from walking to feeding and transportation – if the client needs a ride they will take them. A few of the other services that Home Instead are less tangible – services like communication, whether it is with the other family members or the doctors, social and case workers. The staff at Home Instead will make sure that all of these people are communicated to about the clients needs and any changes that are happening in the home. The most important part of the caregivers work and the biggest part is companionship. The caregivers do not only provide services that their clients can not do for themselves, but they also sit and watch tv, go out and sit on a bench to feed the ducks, play cards or just sit and talk. This is the foundation of the Home Instead’s work, with everything else they do for their clients sometimes the most important service is just being there to hold a hand. Ann went on to discuss some of the important things one needs to know when looking into home care for an elderly relative. Home Care is not home health care – as in they cannot distribute medications or do any medical procedures. They are now requiring home care providers to be licensed by the Department of Health, which, although the paper work is very cumbersome, Ann feels that this is a very important step to insure the health and safety of our seniors. At Home Instead they do not take Medicare or Medicaid – they do accept Long term Care Insurance, so Ann stresses the importance of having that in your insurance portfolio for yourself to insure that you have an option in future! They don’t have contracts at Home Instead – they work with Service Agreements – that don’t lock you in to a long term agreement allowing a little bit of flexibility with the care required. Their caregivers are all background checked and drug screened for the safety of all of their clients and receive not only initial training but on going training in the home to insure the best help and care for each individual client. Each client has a care team usually two caregivers – this is so if a caregiver isn’t available that the other is known to the client and the consistency of care can be maintained. If you have a parent or relative the needs help around the house, whether it be a little or a lot, give Ann Allen and her team at Home Instead Senior Care a call!  

Ann Allen * Home Instead Senior Care* 303.463.1900 * aallen@denverhisc.com  * www.hisc292.digbro.com


Don’t forget to join Laura Kilty and other Shaklee Representatives to learn about switching brands and making a difference – The Shaklee Way! They will be having Shaklee Open Houses  – February 3rd and 17th from 7-8 pm at the Arvada Public Library – 7525 W. 57th Ave. – Arvada, CO 80002.  Please RSVP so they can have adequate handouts and information to Laura Kilty at 303.420.3359