Today’s first speaker was Jayme Rinn of Arvada Hearing Center in Arvada, Colorado. Jayme’s main focus of her practice is Ear Protection and with May being Hearin and Speech Month, she wants everyone to hear clearly for their entire life. She wanted to discuss many of the devices that they offer for this.

Custom Hearing Protection Offered:

  • Custom Ear plugs for loud production areas that allow you to protect your hearing and allow you to hear for your safety.
  • Musicians Ear Plugs that protect the hearing and have monitors for fidelity of sound.
  • Ear plugs for a patient with a middle ear infection to protect from water and other environmental issues that will not allow the ear to heal.
  • Custom Sleep Plugs
  • Shooters Plug that allow you to protect your hearing while at the range or hunting, with a plug that you pull out to allow you to hear in the field.
  • High Noise Sporting Events for race car drivers and other events that have long term loud noises that can damage the hearing
  • First Responder Plugs that protect the hearing and have a radio built in so that they can communicate with dispatchers and other crew members.

Some other programs that Jayme and Arvada Hearing Center are involved with is a program through the state that provides hearing aids for low income people who need hearing aids to work and A VA program that allows vets to purchase a set of refurbished hearing aids and they pay 500.00 for any future service for the life of the hearing aids.

With May being Hearing and Speech Month – Arvada Hearing Center is offering free hearing tests for the entire month! So contact Jayme Rinn of Arvada Hearing Center for your free hearing test today!!

Jayme Rinn * Arvada Hearing Center * 303.422.3299 *


Our second speaker today was Faye Luther of Farthest Star Cookies in Westminster, Colorado. She was watching a cooking show this last week and one of the head chefs mentioned that deserts don’t need to be innovative, Faye was shocked that he said that. She thinks that deserts should be as innovative as the rest of your meal and doesn’t always need to connect with your childhood. So Faye created a grownup cookie for grownups. Faye did this by adding alcohol to a variety of childhood favorites like adding crème de banana to a peanut butter cookie and adding an element of flavor that will make you swoon. Her most popular cookies are the Irish Crème Chocolate Chip, a cookie with Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips and Bailey’s Original Irish Crème Liqueur, The Northface Cookie, a light and soft combination of cocoa and Peppermint Schnapps and the “new” Zamora Margerita, made with tequila and infused with natural orange and lime flavorings. Coated with a lightly salted sugar because it just isn’t a Margarita without the salt! They also offer a non-alcoholic cookie called Sweet Dreams, a sugar cookie with a vanilla and maple base. Keep in mind that Farthest Star Cookies does not use preservatives in their cookies and so their shelf life is limited – but by putting them in the freezer (in a freezer quality bag) they can last for up to six months. If you need a hostess gift, an after dinner treat or just a treat for yourself call or email Faye an order yourself a bag!!

Faye Luther * Farthest Star Cookies * 720.393.0757 * *