Today’s first speaker was Edna Miklos of The Hair Place in Golden, Colorado.  Edna has been in business for 25 years this July and is having an Open House on July 8th at her shop to celebrate. Edna talked to us today about the various types of hair color. The first color she discussed was the Rinse– these are water soluble colors – Fanciful rinses, colored shampoo and conditioners. These are designed to impart a tonal color to your hair, they are not permanent, they are a stain and if your hair is porous it will not be washed out easily. The next color Edna spoke to us about were Semi and Demi Colors– these colors are also not permanent, they are designed for adding tone and shine to your hair. If you over use these colors you will end up with a line of demarcation (where your base color shows at the scalp), generally these colors are used on darker hair or a clear gloss. The Hair Place uses and recommends Redken Shades EQ, this is a 20-25 minute hair color – using heat to push the color under the cuticle. Thee colors will gradually fade out and will generally last around 3-4 weeks with a redo in 8-10 weeks. This will vary from client to client depending on their needs and wants. Shades EQ is a great way to ease into a color or when you want to blend out your gray, it is also used as a toner for highlighting. Permanent Color – are just as it implies permanent, the only way to get rid of it is to cut it off or wait for it to grow out. There are many different of applying permanent colors. The first is all over color, when you have one color from root to tip, so your maintenance would be about about every 4-5 weeks to have the roots retouched. These colors can range from dark brown to blond. Then we have frosts, weaves, foils, balliage or many other techniques for applying colors to highlight or darken your hair.  A frost is done with a cap – where small amounts of hair are pulled through and decolorized or lightened. This works best on short hair as longer hair is hard to pull it all through. Weaves and foils are slicing out pieces of hair and applying color to those strands, with a weave you don’t use foil to wrap the hair, both of these can use heat to deepen the color. In this process you can either have very fine natural looking coverage or very chunky blocks that is very popular with the young girls these days. This style requires high maintenance as the demarcation line shows up after about 2 weeks. Edna showed us pictures of each of these weaves and also mentioned the book Color Passions as the book they use to show clients the colors they are requesting. Just remember the color you think of in your head doesn’t always translate in to hair color the way you think. Edna reminded us that when we are coloring our hair that the shampoo and conditioners we use are very important to maintain the color and protect your hair. Sun, wind, blow drying and curling irons can all be factors in fading. Redken has products that are specifically designed for color treated hair as well as sun damaged hair they both help protect your color. If you would like to set up a consultation with Edna at The Hair Place give her a call at 303-233-4764.

Edna Miklos * The Hair Place * 303.233.4764

Our second speaker today was Linda Schafer from GL Specialties, our promotional products representative. Linda ask us if we had heard the question “What’s New?” lately. As we all nodded , she went on to say things like tax laws, the green economy and in promotional products what’s new is old. One of the exciting things with promotional products is more items being made in America. This simple fact as helped with stock and suppliers, many of the items are not any more expensive than the made in China items and the shipping costs are lower. Another new/old item is the water bottle which was not a popular item when they found that BPA coating caused cancer, they are now produced BPA free and one of the first BPA free manufacturer is in America. The plastic bags offered at conventions to carry around your samples are now being designed to be bio-degradable and eco-friendly. There are also the cloth bags that used to come in 4 colors – red, hunter green, royal blue and black – are now available in an additional for colors – purple, teal and yellow. Linda passed around a few of the new/old items, such as the cell phone case, which now had the added use of a key holder and pedometer and a new school fundraiser item – this is a packet that includes a ruler, pencil, eraser and pencil sharpener. Linda also brought in some new items from an American company called Tin Town Co. – they have  products made out of tin that include mini lunch boxes and cd cases. She also spoke to us about a new trend in conventions called co-branding, when 2 or 3 companies get together and purchase promotional products together and put all their logos on the items and suggested that this is something we might want to keep in mind with other members of our group and co-brand within the club. Linda also wanted us to remember that when ordering especially with items from China that the item may be out of stock by the time you are ready to order. She will keep an eye on the item you are looking at from the time you decide that the one to the moment of shipping this is something that the 1-800 or dot com supplier will not do for you, so keep Linda Schafer in mind for personal service on all your promotional product need!

Linda Schafer * GL Specialties * * 303.456.9035