Today’s first speaker was Edna Miklos, owner of  The Hair Place in Wheat Ridge Colorado. Edna has been styling hair for 33 years and has owned The Hair Place for 24 years.  She started her talk today with the services they offer at The Hair Place – haircuts, perms, colors, foils, balliage, frosts, shines and men’s color, manicures and pedicures, a paraffin spa, and facial waxing. Edna then turned her talk toward the consultation services offered by The Hair Place. When first working with a hairstylist you need to let her know what you want, the hair stylist should listen to what you are saying, look and see the action of you towards your hair and repeat back what you are saying. A good stylist will pick up from your hand gestures when describing your hair your likes and dislikes about your current style. Bringing in pictures of styles you like is helpful to your stylist – but remember to look at styles that have your same hair type, not all styles work with all hair. Just as important is how much time you want to spend on your hair – do you like the quick run a comb through and run out the door or are you willing to work with a curling iron or flat iron and hair spray. This is a major consideration in what style will work for you. Consultation is not just for a hair cut but probably more important when coloring or perming. Somethings to take into consideration when chosing a hair color such as your skin tone -do you want a full hair color or highlights. also the color tone of the hair color you are choosing and your perception of that tone. Many women with grey hair have to have yellow or gold added to their hair to get it to accept more color – but the perception of adding yellow or gold is hard for them to accept. The companies that make hair coloring have a basic system with color ranging from #1 darkest black to #10 lightest blonde – your hair stylist uses these tones in combinations to create the perfect color for you. Most manufacturers follow this same numbering system, although the tones may vary slightly.

Edna Miklos * The Hair Place * 303.233.4764

The second speaker today was Ginger Kaiser, owner of Willows Floral Design. She has been designing floral arrangements for over 20 years and opened Willows Floral Design four years ago. As always with her speeches, Ginger brought in flowers and accents for show and tell, the first piece she showed us was a silk flower arrangement that she had designed for a client as a candle holder center piece. Ginger spoke about silk flowers mentioning that although they are generally more expensive that real flowers – they last longer and provide more bang for the buck. Her second piece was a 45.00 fresh flower bouquet that had iris and sunflower as the main body – it was beautiful and huge. She works very hard to get the best flowers for her clients and when building a bouquet she finds out what her client wants and go to the grower and picks out the best and freshest flowers. From personal experience her flowers last forever once you bring them home! Ginger also brought in a variety of fall accents she uses in her designs, she described them as she passed them around the group. The first was Kiwi Fine – which is very similar to grape fine and is fun to work with, second was Lucadendrum folage – which is a straight branch with broad leaves and mini pine cones on each branch. Thirdly, was Chinese Lantern – which flowers off a center branch that look very much like minature Chinese lanterns. Fourth, was a plant called Millet – this is a single branch that is covered with a purple tuft much like a cat tail. Fifth, was Protea Folage – this resembles tropical grass a tall broad leaf plant. Sixth, was a Kangaroo Frond – this plant was a twig like branch with small yellow odd shape flowers. Last was Ornamental Peppers – not edible, by the way, they grow on stalks with bright orange peppers on each tip. They almost look fake. Why pay more for a cookie cutter design when Ginger can personally design a special arrangement just for you?

Ginger Kaiser * Willows Floral Design * 303.989.6446