Our first speaker today was Edna Miklos, owner of The Hair Place in Golden, Colorado. Edna has owned The Hair Place for 33 years now and has seen a lot of styles and products come and go and then come back again. Her team continues to go to educational events that keep them up on the new trends and styling techniques. They are also proud to be licensed throughout the state.
One of the recent industry newsletters reported on the control of the Beauty Industry and came up with the following information:
• 7 beauty product manufacturers own the 182 different beauty brands
• The Mega-Companies control the beauty industry, marketing everything from over the
counter products to the “luxury” hair care products.
So how do you tell the real difference in the products that you purchase over the counter. • • Professional brands use a higher quality ingredient in their products.
Here is a list of you owns what:
• L’Oréal – is one of the largest producers of professional products, they make
Redken, L’Oréal Professional, Pureology, Matrix and Lancome
• Estee Lauder – Aveda
• Shiseido – Joico, Hairsprays
• Unilever – TGI
• Coty – OPI nail polish and Wella
The bottom line is that if you have color or chemically treated hair listen to the advice of your stylist and use good products to keep your hair in optimum condition.
Edna used the last part of her time today to talk about the mistakes we make as we grow older.
• If you have gray hair and color it – choose the correct color tone for your skin.
• Use color products that give you color penetration for the best coverage.
• To find the correct color tone, check the veins on the back of your hands – what is the color of your veins. Blue indicates cool tone such as blue or purple – hair color translation is an ash or beige blonde. Green indicates warm tone such as gold or red – the color translation is golden or red blonde.
• Keeping the wrong part or not changing the part. This is the last thing we change, yet
it is the easiest to change.
Side parts are generally the most flattering.
What to consider when you are thinking about cutting your Bangs:
1) You and your daily routine and maintenance. Maintenance of trimming and Styling
2) Bang Texture Factor- If you hair texture is fine or coarse – side part or blunt across
3) Individual Factor – Widows Peak, Cowlicks or receding hairline
4) Lifestyle Factor – Do you pull your hair back or fringe around your face
5) Photo Factor – Bring photos of what you like and don’t like
Remember that at The Hair Place they have three hairstylists to take care of all your hair care needs all with over 35years experience. They carry and work with three professional hair care lines – Redken, TRI and Nioxin. If you are looking for a new stylist give The Hair Place a call, where your hair is your most important accessory!
Edna Miklos * The Hair Place * 303.233.4764 * www.thehairplaceapplewood.com

Our second speaker today was Ruthie Williams, our Mary Kay Consultant in Golden, Colorado. Today Ruthie first went over many of the new products that Mary Kay Cosmetics is bringing out for the Fall Season.
FALL 2018 Mary Kay New Products
Limited Edition
• MK Reviving Facial Spray – This new skin sensation takes you from your morning routine all through the day – and night – providing an instant boost of hydration with a refreshing coconut scent. Use this after cleansing and toning. Can be used again later in the day for added hydration. Order of Application: After cleansing and toning, before serums and moisturizers. Throughout the day to refresh makeup. Benefits: Awakens skin with a burst of moisture. Awakens senses with a refreshing coconut scent. Infused with electrolyte-rick coconut water, vitamin B3 and trace minerals. Provides an instant boost of hydration after cleansing and before priming. (This product is not the same as the Mary Kay Finishing Spray)

• MK Gel Eyeliner in Ornate Orchid & Espresso Ink – Searching for a glamorous new look? The eyes have it with the NEW limited-edition Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner in two dazzling colors. Foolproof and easy to apply, this versatile eyeliner lets you create beautiful fine lines for a daytime look or intensify with ease for a more dramatic look. Each includes an expandable brush applicator.
New Products
Regular Line
• Skin Care: Botanical Effects Regimen (replacing Botanical Effects 1, 2, 3) all skin types. Busy Life, Simple Solutions – Life is complicated. Your skin care regimen shouldn’t be. This simple nutrient-packed regimen helps put your skin back in balance. The extracts of dragon fruit – a super fruit – and centuries-old aloe combine to deliver an antioxidant packed infusion in every product.
o Regimen includes:
o Cleansing Gel – Dissolves oil for a deep clean, available individually or as a set
o Refreshing Toner – Wipes away dirt and helps control shine, available individually or as a set
o Moisturizing Gel – Non-greasy, 12-hour moisture, available individually or as a set
o Invigorating Scrub – Removes dead skin cells from pores, sold separately. Exfoliates to remove dead and dull skin, leaving pores feeling deeply cleaned. Formulated with natural exfoliating fruit seeds to help unclog pores. Use 2 or 3 times a week, morning or night after cleansing gel.

What Ruthie is REALLY excited about are the new Brow Products!
• Precision Brow liner – Mary Kay® Precision Brow Liner features a retractable, no-sharpening-needed microtip to line, define and fill in brows with hair like precision – outlines, defines and fills. Retractable micro-liner with precise point defines brows with hair like precision and delivers perfect color placement. Smooth-glide liner allows for buildable definition. Long-lasting, life proof formula creates brows that stay looking beautiful. Available in: Blonde, Dark Blonde, Brunette, Dark Brunette, Black Brown. Tip: This is so fine be sure to not extend the product too far out or it will break off. Just a little bit will work great!
• Volumizing Brow Tint – Mary Kay® Volumizing Brow Tint features long-lasting color and microscopic fibers that cling to hairs to give all brows – thin, sparse, faded, over-tweezed or flat – a visible boost. Tints, volumizes, tames. Tinted gel with microfibers adheres to hairs for fuller-lush-looking brows. Life proof formula with flexible hold helps brows stay put all day. Customizable application – use alone or layer with other brow products for added definition. Formulated with panthenol to help condition brows so they never feel stiff. Available in: Blonde, Dark Blonde, Brunette, Dark Brunette.
• How to choose a Brow Shade: A great brow is made in the shade. The shade of your hair color, that is! Here’s how to find the perfect shade for you! Just like the hair on your head, growing hair is never just one shade. There are lighter and darker tones surrounding the main color. For your brows, you always want to start with a shade that’s lighter than your main hair color. You’ll be surprised at how it brings dimension to your look. Here’s a special tip for redheads, silver, and gray-haired women. These hair shades look best with an ashy tone, so try a blonde or dark blonde shade to start. Remember, you never need a brow shade as dark as you think you do!

Ruthie then demonstrated how to Map your Brow:
Map Your Way to Perfect Brows

Step 1
Hold the brush beside your nose, and lightly mark where your brow will begin.

Step 2
Find your arch by following a diagonal line from the corner of your nose and across your iris.

Step 3
Find your brow tail by measuring from the corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye.
Visit Ruthie’s website for shopping, questions, ideas. It has great product information, videos, virtual makeover and more!
Ruthie Williams * Mary Kay Cosmetics * 303.278.3520 * ruthiewilliams@marykay.com * www.marykay.com/ruthiewilliams/en-us