Today first speaker was Edna Miklos of The Hair Place in Golden, Colorado. The Hair Place has been open for business for over 27 years. They have four stylists to take care of your hair care needs, from haircuts, colors, foils and as well all the hair care products to take care of your hair.

Today Edna wanted to use her time to go over some frequently asks questions from her clients.

  1. What is the best way to detangle long hair and what does it mean?

a)      Moisturizing the hair after you’ve shampooed is the quickest way to detangle hair.

b)      When combing out long hair start at the ends of the hair and work your way to the scalp, gently combing through with a large tooth comb or vent type brush.

c)      If the hair is real tangled it is probably time to get the ends trimmed and/or use a re-constructor conditioner.

d)      For naturally curly hair using a few drops of argon oil to ease the combing.

  1. Which is better to use – an aerosol or non- aerosol (pump) hair spray?

a)      Aerosol sprays go on the hair dry, which is good to keep the hair foundation and for curly hair after it has been straightened.

b)      Non-aerosols have a firmer hold with a heavy spray. They are also good for holding and resistance of humidity to help to control frizz.

  1. Coloring my hair at home went to dark or not blond enough?


b)      Don’t throw away the box of hair color. It will help your stylist by knowing what you put on.

c)      DO CALL AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT ASAP with your colorist.

d)      The sooner you can get to the salon the better your results!

  1. When is the appropriate time to use oil and how much?

a)      Oils have been used for the conditioning properties, working as a smoothing agent.

b)      Use oil to refresh curly hair.

c)      Always use oils sparingly on wet or dry hair

d)      A few drops in the palm of your hand and rub together then run through the hair focusing on the shafts and ends.

If you need a stylist who will not only listen to your hair care needs but will also answer all of your questions give Edna Miklos and The Hair Place a call!

Edna Miklos * The Hair Place *303.233.4764


Our second speaker today was Laura Kilty for Shaklee in Golden, Colorado. Laura started out her talk telling us that Shaklee vitamins and supplements always work and always have exactly This last week was the Shaklee Global Conference and for the first time in her experience they didn’t have the products shown at conference ready for sale. So Laura wanted to tell us about the updates and what they were shown at conference.


The first of these updates was about the Cinch product lines –

Cinch Snack Crisps are introducing two new flavors – Sea Salt and Savory BBQ – they each come in 100 calorie packs with 7 grams of protein, so you feel full. Cinch Snack Chips are glutton free with no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, msg, transfats, only 2 grams of fat, 180 mg of sodium. The 10 pack box will be available soon for $20.95 Shaklee member price.

The second new product she wanted to cover was a new memory product to replace the current product offered by Shaklee. This new cognition product has been created in conjunction with scientists at MIT. This product was said to be coming out right after conference and was even on the current order sheets – however they put out a statement right before the conference stating that they had an opportunity for deeper research. This one product will be replacing the two current memory products. They are not sure will be shipping but it will be soon!

Shaklee had its own “Biggest Loser” contest and the winner of this contest lost 201 lbs. on the Cinch program and won $10,000.  Another contestant one of the 10 finalists, woman from Colorado dropped 70 lbs. and is off her17 medications that cost $800 a month. Also Jacqui McCoy was on the new ABC Extreme Makeover show lost 58% of her body weight in the year. She was a Shaklee kid and used Shaklee Vitalizer & OmegaGuard.  Now the host of the show, personal trainer, Chris Powell & wife use Vitalizer.  All contestants on season 3 will be using Vitalizer provided by Shaklee.

Shaklee has the Pure Performance Team that has 17 athletes competing in Olympics this year they had 7 medals as of Thurs 8/8 with 3 more people to compete. In past Olympics the Pure Performance Team has brought home over 103 medals for Team USA!

At the end of the conference they go over the health statistics and Laura wanted to go over them with us. Health stats are startling and can become mind numbing….over last 10 years:

Increase in heart disease 9.3%

Increase in cancer 19.6%

Increase in diabetes 34.5% – which comes with a multitude of other health challenges

The one startling fact is that according to respective societies these are 60-90% preventable.

The cost to treat any one of these diseases is enormous but suffering for those individuals and their families is even higher – we must shift our thinking to prevention!

The American Heart Association put out a chart “7 steps to a healthy heart” and here is that list.

no smoking – healthy BMI – exercise 150 m/w – blood pressure below 120/80, fasting blood glucose below 100 – total cholesterol below 200 – healthy diet (4 1/2 C of fruits/veggies every day, 2 servings of fish a week, 1 serving whole grain every day), limit sodium, and no more than 36 oz of sugary sweetened drinks per week.

What percentage of the population has all 7? Less than 1 %!  Only 2% get daily serving of fruit/veggies!

Good news – bad news…’s in our control.

So let’s get away from the “magic pill” or “instant cure” philosophy.  As a society, we have come to have this “I want it now” and “I really don’t want to work to hard” approach to many things including our health.  We seem to think that we should be able to correct years of poor diet and lifestyle habits with a simple “pill” or surgery.  We are looking for the “magic pill” while we continue our negative habits that got us to this place of ill health in the first place.

How is it that we have come to believe that:

* if we have a headache, we must be aspirin deficient

* if we are depressed, we are Prozac deficient

* if our children are extremely active, they are Ritalin deficient

* years of destructive/harmful habits should be “cured” within days of taking a “magic pill”

* giving the body time to truly rebuild and repair itself through proper diet, life style and wise    supplementation it just too costly, time consuming and not worth the effort – tell that to someone dealing with any serious health challenge – do you think it would be worth the effort.

Bottom line – you’re in control.

Adding a basic supplement program just makes sense. If you looking for someone to help you finding the right and guaranteed supplements for you and want to work to be healthier give Laura Kilty a call – she can help you design a program that will work for you!

Laura Kilty * Shaklee * 303-420-3359 *