Our first speaker today was Edna Miklos of The Hair Place in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. At The Hair Place, they have four stylists and a receptionist to take care of your hair care needs. The Hair Place has celebrated over 25 years in business, concentrating mainly on hair services such as haircuts, colors, foils, glosses, perms and some nail services.

In the 25 plus years of being in the hair care industry they have seen many changes and yet Edna states nothing is completely new. Many of the new trends spiral around with a new twist. The BOB is a perfect example – it was one of the most popular cuts in the 30’s & 40’s and they still use the basics of the cut today.

Today Edna wanted to tell us about Redken New Shades E.Q. Cream and Shades E.Q. Cover Plus.

First Edna spoke about the types of color: Weekly, Semi, Demi, Permanent and Lighteners.

Weekly Color – these are water soluble and wash out with each shower. (fanciful rinses, etc.)

Semi-Permanent Color – these colors penetrate the cuticle layer of the hair to add tone and shine, these colors also wash out over 4-6 weeks.

Permanent Color – these colors change the structure of the hair by either removing or depositing color in the cuticle layer. Permanent hair color will eventually have a demarcation line as you hair grows out.

Lighteners – this is the same as the permanent colors except they decolorize or remove natural pigment or artificial colors in the hair.

Next Edna talked to us about PH balance –

Acid range is 0-7.0
Middle range is 7.0 (water)
Alkaline range is 7.0-14 (allows color to lift out)
Hair’s normal range is 4.5-5.5
This is important because the acidity or alkalinity of the product will make a difference in the result and type of color that you get.

Effects of acid pH:
* Ensures gentle processing
* Outstanding condition and shine
* Won’t lighten hairs natural pigment
* Minimizes swelling and cuticle damage
* Maintains the hair lipids

Effects of alkaline pH:
* Greater penetration of dye molecules
* Longer lasting color
* Subtle brightening effect
* Allows for increased grey coverage

When mixed with the developer:
* Acid hair color – the mixture remains acidic
* Alkaline hair color – makes the mixture alkaline (permanent colors or lifters)

The Shades E.Q. Cream is used to glaze, correct or blend gray. Shades E.Q. Cream blends gray with a richer color and will not lift the natural pigment. So you won’t have a line of demarcation as your hair grows. Shades E.Q. Cream blends the gray because it has more dye molecules for deposit under the cuticle layer of the hair. The colors are richer and deeper for a more even shine. It can also be used to define and add dimension to low lights. Shades E.Q. Cream is an acid pH with no ammonia or lift technology. The Shades E.Q. Cover Plus has up to 75% gray coverage with semi-demi permanent results, subtle brightening effect for more visible results in a non-ammonia formula. Shades E.Q. Cover Plus will correct uneven tones, harmonize your tone from the scalp out with less banding – it is great for brightening and refreshing mid-shaft of the hair of the hair from previous colors or to refresh the ends.

Edna went to a hair show over the weekend and one of the classes she took was called “Maximize Your Chair” the speaker went over something that we all know and sometimes need to be reminded of.

Your Thoughts become your words – so think positive thought
Your Words become your actions
Your Actions become your habits
Your Habits become your character
Your Character becomes your destiny
Always remember that positive thoughts and actions are important!

Keep Edna Miklos and The Hair Place in mind when you need a change or new look for your hair!

Edna Miklos * The Hair Place * 303.233-4764


Cindi Thordarson of EcoGraphics Printing in Lakewood Colorado was our second speaker today. Cindi took her time today to discuss the changes in artwork and design work for printing.

First she showed us an old three ring binder that was filled with a variety of different business forms that they used for many years – these forms were designed for a variety
business needs from invoices to purchase orders to sales receipts. Cindi told us that they still have a few clients that use these forms for their sales receipts and purchase agreements – although the files have been recreated on the computer. Cindi then passed around “art” books – these were originally produced in the 80’s and are filled clipart that can be used for a large variety of situations. The company that produced these books would produce a book for every season – summer vacation, school starting, Halloween and Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year, etc., but along with that they would produce clipart for business situations and family images. EcoGraphics still has a large number of these books – for what reason Cindi is not quite sure as she pulls out her laptop.

In today’s graphic design world, 98% of our work is done on one of these – as she brought up a graphic design program called Corel Draw – a PC program that allows us to create forms, design logos and create flyers in less time than has been required in the past. Although the sophisticated design programs are not cheap – they allow the designer to create without limits. At EcoGraphics Printing they have both PC and Mac formats with InDesign – the top Mac graphic design program – which enables EcoGraphics Printing to work with a variety of formats.

Cindi showed us a couple of tricks in Corel Draw that they are able to do with a photograph – such as changing the photo from color to black and white or adding a filter to make the photo look like an embossed image. Cindi, also went through how many typestyles are available just by pulling a drop down , menu, showing even on her home computer that she has hundreds of typestyles. They can match pretty much any type style that you bring to them – although – Cindi did mention that if you don’t know the exact name they may be able to come close but with the amount of typestyles out there they may not be able to come up
with exact typestyle.

At EcoGraphics Printing they will work to provide you the design, style and price that you need and want. Keep Cindi and EcoGraphics Printing in mind when you are looking to produce your next marketing piece!

Cindi Thordarson * EcoGraphics Printing * 303.238.7791 * www.ecographicsprinting.com *