Today’s first speaker was Edna Miklos of The Hair Place in Golden, Colorado. Edna has owned The Hair Place, a full service hair salon for 25 years. Since it is the beginning of summer, Edna talked to us about summer hair care for treated or colored and why it is so important. The sun will change your hair if you are out in it long enough or often enough, to accelerate the lightening you can rinse your hair with lemon juice and go out into the sun. The acid in the lemon juice is what changes your hair color. If you have color treated hair you need to protect your color if you are spending a lot of time the sun it can actually pull the color out. So if during the summer you are planning to spend a lot of time outside protect your hair by using products that have a SPF number higher than 15, such as the Redken Color Extend line. They also have a sun line designed for areas that get a lot of sun, such as Texas, Arizona and Florida. Another time to think about your hair care is when you are on vacation – the sun, sand and salt water can affect your treated hair, so your options are to protect your hair or as Edna recommends – not doing color or highlights right before going on vacation if you intend on spending a lot of time in the sun. Instead she advises getting a gloss or a shine which will give your hair a healthy shine, condition it and add protection. When in doubt wear a hat – not only will it protect your scalp but your hair as well. Edna went on to discuss another summer hair care problem – swimmers hair – the green tint one gets from swimming in chlorinated water. When dry the hair looks soft and shiny but will get a slimy feel when wet. Edna recommends before swimming wet your hair down and apply a small amount of conditioner to it. This will help fill in the cuticle layer and prevent the chlorine and other chemicals to get in. The green color some people see when they spend a lot of time in a swimming pool is caused by the chlorine stripping the copper in the water lines. Remember to wash you hair thoroughly after swimming and you can use a deep cleansing shampoo to remove any build up. If you are spending time at the beach and swimming in salt water, keep in mind that not only is it abrasive and will lift up the cuticle layer it is also very alkaline and will dry out your hair. If you need any help with your summer hair care needs give Edna Miklos at The Hair Place a call and she can give you solutions for your hair.

Edna Miklos * The Hair Place * 303.233.4764


Our second speaker today was Ruthie Williams of Mary Kay Cosmetics in Golden, Colorado. Ruthie spoke to us today about the new products that Mary Kay has released for the summer. The first item Ruthie passed around were the new Limited Edition Mary Kay The Weekender Eye Pencil, this is a eye shadow pencil and comes with a sharpener. These four creamy colors have been designed to provide intense build able color and is an eyeliner and eye shadow in one. There are four colors brought out for summer include sage, turquoise waters, classic navy and white wash. The White Wash color is a metallic that can be used as a highlighter to spotlight the inner corners of your eyes. The next item Ruthie wanted to show us was the new Limited Edition Mary Kay The Weekender Lip Pencil, this lip pencil let you outline and fill your lips in perfectly. The Weekender offers a wonderful sheer coverage in two colors – coral stone and pink sand. The summer would not be complete without nail lacquer and Mary Kay Limited Edition Nail Lacquers are easily applied and a stay true color that lasts. The nail lacquers come in coral stone and pink sand so you can be coordinated and colorful. Next Ruthie passed around the Mary Kay Foundation Primer – this acts as an invisible buffer to fill in imperfections so your foundation glides on smoothly and leaves a flawless look. It also acts like a magnet to give your foundation staying power throughout the day. Ruthie wanted to remind us that sunscreen is very important here being closer to the sun, and the Mary Kay SPF 30 Sunscreen fits that need perfectly. This sunscreen is lightweight and oil free perfect for both face and body, providing UVA/UVB protection. This product is waterproof and sweat-resistant for up to 80 minutes. The Limited Edition Mary Kay After Sun Replenishing Gel has once again been released for the summer – formulated with botanical extracts rich with soothing antioxidants replenishing the vital moisture back into your skin. The last sun care item Ruthie talked about – is the Mary Kay Subtle Tanning Lotion – for that healthy glow without the sun damage. Remember that this product does not contain any sunscreen and will not protect your skin from sun damage. Ruthie went on to tell us that the Mary Kay Tinted Lip Balm has introduced four new colors for the summer only – combine color and lip protection with these vibrant four colors peony (hot pink), cherry (bold red), peach (peachy) and berry (bright purple). Lastly we went back to the eyes for Mary Kay’s new Lash Love Mascara – this mascara has Mary Kay’s exclusive Panthenol-Pro Complex that helps moisturize and strengthen your lashes and will help with breakage. It also has a redesigned brush that will separate and coat your lashes with just the right amount of mascara and comes in two colors – brown and black. Keep in mind that makeup changes with the season and hair color. If you need to change to your summer colors give Ruthie Williams a call and she can find the right colors for you! 

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