The first of our two speakers today was Edna Miklos of The Hair Place in Golden, Colorado. Today Edna talked about all the services offered at The Hair Place. They have been doing hair at this location for 25 years.

First of all the offer Hair Cuts – They do hair cuts for men, women and children. At The Hair Place they have multiple generations coming to them from the grandparents to the grandchildren first hair cut, one stylist actually is working with a family from the great grandmother to the first great grandchild. Their great customer service bring back families for generations!

At The Hair Place, they also offer Colors, Foils, Weaves and Glosses– they do all types and kinds of color – permanent and semi-permanent. They design the color specifically for each person, taking into consideration their skin tone, natural color and the desired end color. Meaning if you have dark brown hair and want to go blond it is very difficult to pull the red out to get a true blond, and they will discuss that with you. At The Hair Place they also do men’s color with Redkin Camo Color, this color is designed to blend the gray and is a semi-permanent so it will wash out slowly so there is no grow out line. So for whatever your hair color needs are the stylists at The Hair Place have the knowledge and talent to give the color that is right for you.

Another service that many of us thought was in the past is the Permanent – yes, they are still quite popular, and at The Hair Place they offer all types of permanents. From the body wave to tight curls to spiral curls on long hair. They will also take the time to determine if your hair can withstand the chemicals that are used with a permanent.

Manicures and Pedicuresare another service that they offer at The Hair Place – taking care of the nails is the primary concern at The Hair Place, but they also keep in mind the care of your hands and feet. They pay special attention to any changes in you feet that could become serious issues for you. They also offer paraffin treatments in addition to the manicure and pedicure to help replenish the moisture in your hands and feet.

The final service that Edna talked about today is Facial Waxing – At The Hair Place, they offer face and neck waxing, these are the only two areas that will wax.

All of the stylists at The Hair Place participate in continuing education with the latest trends, styles and chemicals, theygo to both in town and out of town hair shows. The best show for education is the Redken Symposium – which is held every other year in Vegas. There they spend two days in four classes a day. These classes can range from currents trends , men’s cuts and styles, marketing yourself, color correction designing color, salon coordination and management. This hair show is strictly for knowledge, they give you the techniques so you can Learn Better, Earn Better and Live Better. The local distributors offer hair shows in the spring and fall, Edna will be attending the one offered this October, at the local shows you get a lot of information and knowledge, but it is tempered with end sales in mind. These shows do offer more product knowledge on the different lines with information about the new products, and techniques. As well as the new regulations and classes offered by DORA. Every fall DORA (Department of Regulatory Agency) has education classes set up on any new sanitation issues or any changes in licensing. Stylists at the Hair Place have an education fund that they contribute to so that the money is always available for any education that they chose to attend.

The Hair Place has the current hairstyling books – for you to look through – to get an idea of cut, style and color for your latest new look. Bringing in pictures will help your stylist to determine what style you are looking for, they will consult with you about your style – including the maintenance and time you will need to keep it looking just perfect.

If you are looking for a change in your hair – keep The Hair Place in mind!

Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Friday: 8:00AM -6:00PM                                              Saturday – 8:00AM – 4:00PM                                                                                                              Monday – by appointment only with Karen Sanders 

Edna Miklos * The Hair Place * 303.233.4764

Helen Masterson of Masterson & Friends Communications, of Wheat Ridge Colorado was our second speaker today. Today Helen talked about how after graduating with a Bachelor of Science from CU, she went to work for a large advertising agency in Denver, Broyles, Allegaugh and Dais. Helen was hired as a flunkie in the production department. A great way for Helen to get her start because she learned the nuts and bolts advertising from the ground.

This was a very large firm with clients such as Continental Airlines and The State of Colorado. This firm was also an old established firm as Helen realized when Mr. Broyles, and they always called him Mr. Broyles, asked Helen to go down to the basement to locate an ad that ran in 1940. Yes, 1940! Remember this was 1960, Helen found the ad… it was for a road grader ~ some what disconcerting, the model of road graders was still the same in 1960 as it had been in 1940.

As you can tell from this story – Helen started working in advertising in 1960. When Helen saw the first episode of the show Mad Men ~ it was a real shock ~ Helen felt like she had fallen in to a rabbit hole, pulling her back in time. Everything in the show was and remains spot on… the typewriters… the narrow ties… the way the characters portray the way people acted back then. Helen has a friend that she discussed the show with and her friend states that she doesn’t like the show, because of the way the women are treated. Well, Helen states – that’s the way it was.

As an example, Helen tells us, one of the secretaries, named Peggy, was the secretary for the Creative Director. There were three male copy writers and whenever they had to write copy for a female product, the first was face cream. The male copy writers asked Peggy “What do women want in this product?” Well, Peggy, virtually gave them all the copy needed and the tag line. Once this had happened with many of the major ads, the clients like the worked so much that the Creative Director was smart enough to promote Peggy to copy writer. However, the three male copy writers each had offices – with doors. The door was a status symbol in an advertising agency. They put Peggy in the Xerox room with just her desk.

The one scene that really got to Helen, was when the main character, Don Draper and his wife had a party, which included parents and their children. The men were in living room and the women were in the kitchen, when one of the little boys ran into the living room and ran into his father, who spilled his drink all over the floor. Helen knew the next line… Son… Go get your mother and have her clean this up. Really… Son… Go get your mother and have her clean this up.

Ladies, do not ever let us slip back into this mentality!

Now, Helen reminds us that things have changed. Helen had a couple examples with her, these were real ads. This first Helen showed us was from the 1890’s ~ Eat Tape Worms and Stay Thin, the next was from the 1930’s from the Lard Council on how healthy lard was. The last three ads, Helen showed us were from the 1960’s… This year the Mad Men series has moved to 1965, with the main client being Lucky Strike. There is mention of things to come… regulations on what and how you can advertise. Helen, then, passed around ads about why these regulations came to pass… Such as – More Doctors Smoke Camels… Blow Smoke in Her face and She’ll Follow You and last but not least Santa with a carton of Chesterfields. At the same time that the government came down with regulations, the National Advertising Association came out with guidelines about how an advertising agency should do business, which included accreditation. So like many of you in this room, Helen has initials after her name, APR.

But the main purpose of advertising has remained the same… sell your product or service.

David Ogilvy, considered the guru of advertising said: “When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it ‘creative’. I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product.”

David gave this advice which still stands today: “Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decoding the enemies signals.”

Helen has talked about this before – keep an eye on the trends and watch what your competitors are doing. Watch out for what the “Big Boys” are doing – they spend a lot of money on research, focus groups and trends.

At this point there are three trends happening in advertising sales:

Do Good and Solve a Problem – Go Subaru is having a Health Clinic, Trivent Financial had a Shredding Day and Community Bank had a Computer Reycling Day. Do GOOD.

Give An Incentive. This is a sign of the times, people are looking for bargains – Two for One, 20 Percent Off, or Buy my product and I will give you tickets to an event.

Provide useful information. Ann Kay Roche talked about records we can shred and items we should save, it was obvious that many of us don’t know what to shred and what to keep. Offer useful information that people want and need.

Now Helen wanted to give us a quick overal view of how she has put her B.S. to work and what she has learned in the field of communications: If the circus is coming to town and you paint a sign that says “Cirus Coming To Town” – that’s Advertising… You put the sign on the back of an elephant and walk the elephant into town – that’s Promotion… If the elephant walks through the mayor’s flower bed – that’s Publicity… If the mayor laughs about it – that’s Public Relation… and if the town’s people go to the circus and spend a lot of money – that’s Sales.  

Helen Masterson * Masterson & Friends * 303.467.9680 *