Our first speaker today was Edna Miklos, owner of The Hair Place in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. First Edna want to tell us that The Hair Place has been open for over 33 years and they have three hair stylists to take care of all of your hair care needs from haircuts, colors, and foils to the products needed to keep your hair in its best condition. The Hair Place carries three of the best product lines in the industry.
Redken – which has products for all types of hair, damaged, color treated and curly as well as the styling products to go with it.
Nioxin – this is a line for fine thinning hair, it has shampoo and treatments for the early and advanced stages of hair loss. Nioxin was developed and tested at a cancer treatment  center. They now have treatments that contain minoxodril – one for men and one for women.
Tri – is an eco-friendly product line, that include some very good styling products. This product can be used when camping as it will not affect the ecosystem.
When you come to The Hair Place we will take the time to consult with you on the best products for your hair and lifestyle.
The second part of Edna’s talk today was to go over some frequently asked questions that she often answers for her clients.

1)      What is the best way to detangle long hair?
Moisturizing the hair after you shampooed is the quickest way to detangle your hair.
When combing it out start at the ends of the hair and work your way to the scalp gently
combing through with a large tooth comb or vent type brush. If the hair is very badly
tangled it is probably time to have your ends trimmed and/or use a reconstuctor
conditioner. There are also leave in products (sprays or creams) that detangle hair.
For naturally curly hair using a few drops of argon oil – only on the ends – will ease
the combing.

2)      Which is better for hold – aerosol or non-aerosol (pump) hair spray?
Aerosol sprays go on the hair drier – which is good to keep the hairs foundation and
for curly hair if it has been straightened.
Non-Aerosol are a firmer hold with a heavier spray. These non-aerosols are good for
holding and resistance of humidity to help control frizz.

3)      Should I condition my hair prior to shampooing?
This is not a simple answer – it depends on your hair, lifestyle and choice of chemical
If your hair is coarse –  conditioning first may help keep it from getting drier.
If you have fine hair this is not a good idea as the condition coats the hair and will weigh your hair down.

4)      When is the appropriate time to use oil and how much?
Oils are used for its conditioning benefits and work as a smoothing agent and will refresh curly hair.
Always use oils sparingly on wet or dry hair. A few drops in your palm and rub together,
then run through your hair focusing on the ends and shaft of the hair.
Keep oils away from the scalp, this will weigh down your hair and ruin any volume you have.

5)      What type of styling products are best for my hair?
This is dependent you and how you style your hair. If you blow dry – you will probably want something that is easy to comb or brush through mousses and gel sprays work best for this.
Gels are used more for stronger sleek looks with finished styling – stronger hold and not as pliable.
Creams are similar to gels in that they are used in finish styling for that spiky hair or messy look as well as taming those pesky fly-aways.
Hair sprays – whether aerosols or non-aerosols are used for getting the style into place. Non-aerosols are wetter and usually stronger – use sparingly on naturally curly hair because of that wetness. Hair sprays come in a variety of different strengths so your stylist should consult with you as to what is best for your life and hair style.

If you are looking for a salon that will consult with you on the best needs for your hair give Edna and the Hair Place a call.

Edna Miklos * The Hair Place * 303.233.4764 * www.thehairplaceapplewood.com

Our second speaker today was Juli Parrott owner of Table Mountain Travel in Golden, Colorado. Today Julie wanted to discuss a new offering from the airlines – Basis Economy class – is it worth it? This is basically the opposite of premium economy class, you pay less and get less, this cheaper option is a tactic for the legacy airlines to compete with Spirit and Frontier. Delta Airlines started to offer Basic Economy in 2012, just last week American Airlines announced that its Basic Economy seats will go online in February on limited routes and United Airlines will begin offering these seats sometime later this year. What do you get or not get with a Basic Economy ticket will depend on the airline however here is what Delta’s Basic Economy ticket offers:
• Your seat assignment is not given to you until check in
• When traveling with a group you may not be seated together
• No same day ticket changes or refunds (outside the 24 hour grace period)
• Board last and cannot upgrade to early boarding
• No upgrades – paid or complimentary

Both American and United released one lost frill that Delta has avoided which is Basic Economy flyers cannot bring on full sized carry on luggage – they will only allow one small carry on that fit under the seat. Basic Economy passengers will have no access to the overhead bins. So if you carry on your laptop, purse and one small clothing bag this is not the option for you.
We were looking into the fares for this new class of traveler and the only fares out are Delta’s prices, the first price is the Basic Economy price and the second is Regular Economy:

• Boston to Salt Lake – 267.00  vs  277.00 (savings $10)
• Atlanta to Chicago – 135.00  vs  157.00 (savings $22)
• Los Angeles to Newark – 314.00  vs  344.00 (savings $30)

You will have to decide if it is worth it – it would be hard to justify when traveling with a family as you have limited luggage (without paying), you may not sit together and board last. Both American and United are watching closely to see how Delta’s cheaper fares work out. If you need a travel agent that knows her ways around all of the complicated fare systems give Juli and Table Mountain Travel a call.

Juli Parrott * Table Mountain Travel * 303.277.1580 * juli@tablemountaintravel.com