The first speaker today was Susan O’Kelley of Avanti Services in Golden, Colorado. After Helen’s talk last week, Susan spoke today about relationship building and her experiences through her life. Susan feels that one of her gifts is her ability to teach, she uses that both in her business of selling insurance and her love, dance. Susan grew up in California in the entertainment industry, both of her parents were involved in the entertainment industry. She performed as an extra in “The Brady Bunch”, “Cold Turkey”, “Nakia” – a tv crime drama and several other productions. Although Susan is trained in everything from classical ballet to modern dance, her first love is ballet, she told us that it “just takes you out of your head”. Susan is a classically trained entertainer with a diverse background of experience from performer to production management and production design. She is a highly motivated, self-driven entrepreneur with a diverse and unique combination of skills and in-depth experience in both the business and entertainment industries. She started in the insurance field as an owner of a captive Allstate agency then transitioned in 2007 to the independent channel by founding Avanti Services. Her mission is to help other small business owners navigate the often-complex insurance world. If you are in need of a new insurance agent give Susan O’Kelley and her team at Avanti Services a call.
Susan O’Kelley * Avanti Services * 720.384.7032 *

Our second speaker today was Edna Miklos from The Hair Place in Golden, Colorado. The Hair Place has been open for over 33 years now and has three hair stylists to take care of any of your hair care needs. They carry three major lines of hair care products for all types of hair care needs, Redken – which has products for all types of hair including damaged, color treated, and curly along with the styling products to keep your hair in perfect style. The Nioxin line which is their line of products for fine, thinning hair, it has shampoo and treatments for early and advanced stages of hair loss. Nioxin was developed and tested at a cancer center, and now has a treatment with minoxidil in it, with a formula for men and one for women.  Tri is their last line of products that they carry, and it is eco-friendly, so it can be used while camping without damaging the environment and comes with very good styling products. The stylists at The Hair Place will consult with you on the best products for your hair and how to use those products to get great results!
Today Edna wanted to go over some of the frequently asked questions.
1) What is the best way to detangle your hair?
~ The best way is to moisturize your hair after shampooing with a good conditioner.
~ When combing out tangled hair, start at the ends of the hair and work up towards the scalp, with a large tooth comb or vent brush.
~ If your hair is really tangled it may be time to get the ends trimmed and/or use a reconstructor conditioner.
~ For naturally curly hair using a few drops of aragon oil will ease the combing.

2) Which is better to use an aerosol or non-aerosol hair spray?
~ Aerosol sprays go onto the hair dryer, which is good to keep the hairs foundation and for curly hair that has been straightened.
~Non-aerosol have a firmer hold with a heavier spray and resistant to humidity and help to control frizz.

3)  Coloring your hair at home and it went to dark or not blonde enough.
~ First and most importantly DO NOT TRY TO FIX IT YOURSELF!
~ Do Not throw away the box and bring with you to your stylist to help with the correction.
~ Make an appointment as soon as possible with your stylist.

4)  When is the appropriate time to use oil and how much?
~ Oils have been used for their conditioning benefits, but they also work as a smoothing agent
~ Used to refresh curly hair.
~ A few drops in the palm of your hand, rub together then run through your hair focusing on the shafts and ends.
~ Keep the oils away from the scalp to prevent a drop in your volume.

5)  What type of styling product is best for your hair?
~ This depends upon on how you manage your hair, do you just blow dry or do you curl and style.
~ Mousses and spray gels work best for those that want to just blow dry and comb through.
~ Gels are used for setting the hair with rollers and finished styling, they are stronger and less pliable.
~ Creams are used more for finished styling, as well as spiking hair, the messy look or taming fly aways.
~ Hair Sprays come in aerosol and non-aerosol. Aerosols are drier and therefore used for getting a style into place. Non-aerosols are wetter and stronger used for holding your style in place. Hair sprays come in different strengths and we at the hair spray can consult with you on your need.
Edna finished her talk with the big craze now in hair – the bright colors – pinks, blues, purples or even green. They can do this at The Hair Place – you have to let them know when setting your appointment that this is what you want. You may even want to go in for a consultation before making the commitment. If you are looking for trendy hair and ready to wear hair give Edna Miklos and The Hair Place a call!!
Edna Miklos * The Hair Place * 303-233-4764 *