Today we had a guest speaker Greg Reynolds, a security specialist working as head of security at the Federal Center and worked with the Sheriff’s  Department prior to taking his current position. Greg spoke to us today about personal safety, he started by telling us that criminals don’t do break the law because of a bad childhood or any other reason other than they like it. Women are more often the target because we have more diversions than men. If you have been targeted by a criminal you will be attacked and when attacked you need to keep in mind that you should fight to survive. Do not be afraid to hurt your attacker – he isn’t afraid of hurting you. A couple things to keep in mind is that help is not always on the way and you must be willing to kill to survive. You can take classes on self-defense but you must train until it is second nature and take your training outside the classroom, you are not going to be attacked in a classroom so being trained to perceive threats outside the classroom in very important. There are studies that are done within the police department that show that a traffic cop who is attacked outside his/her scope of work is less likely to defend themselves. The training for self defense in their line of work is intense, but it appears that being out of uniform takes that training away. You never know how you will react to the situation until it happens. When attacked screaming is your first line of defense – to draw attention to you and what is happening, but may not be enough. If your attacker is trying to get you into a car or off into a different area – fight back as if your life depended on it, because it does. Once the attacker has you some place private all bets are off and you have very little chance of survival. If you are approached in your place of business with some one intent on robbing you – open the register and walk away from it, if you have weapon in your place of business keep it away from the register and when you walk away – walk to were you keep it. The criminal wants the money – so just get away from it. Other things to keep in mind, gang members train with pepper spray and mace only works on 20%-30% of the population, I know we thought it was a reliable method of protection-it appears to be far less effective.

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Our second speaker today was Cindi Thordarsonof Ecographics Printing in Lakewood, CO. Cindi started her talk today by following up on one of the things Greg Reynolds spoke about, you never know how you will reacted to being attacked until something happened, no, Cindi was not attacked but back in the day she explained she worked at 7-11 and was stocking the cooler when a co-worker walked up behind her – tapping her on the shoulder, Cindi swung around and broke his nose.  Just keep in mind you never know how you will react to a perceived threat. Cindi spoke today to our new members – letting them know where she came from and the level of her experience in printing and eco-friendly printing. She actually started out in her high school that had a full service printing/graphics shop, were her teacher told her upon finishing high school that she would never get hired on as a press operator – because she was a girl. Well about 5 years after graduation and some college and working in hotels, 7-11 and some free lance graphic design work – Cindi moved to the lovely hamlet of Vacaville, CA got hired on at PIP Printing. She was hired by the manager there not because she had experience but because the manager liked her attitude. Cindi learned a lot about working within the frame work of eco-friendly printing, as California, even in the 80’s, had some of the toughest regulations on printing and dry cleaning. Cindi also spoke about her learning experience there giving her a great base for her current shop. PIP Printing cross trains all of their employees – in every aspect of the operation, it allows for your employees to be a more versitile. Cindi also spoke about working in a large union shops stating very simply it would be very hard for her to work that way – print shops busy areas can vary and she has been trained to work were needed and help other departments when they need the help.  Cindi, then took a few minutes to speak to being a business owner and what her average day looks like, her day begins with scheduling the jobs that need to be printed that day, checking out what needs to be delivered and what bindery needs to be done and will generally take care of that, she answers the phone and helps clients in ordering jobs, does some graphic design and typesetting and then prepares for the next day. Right now -Ecographics is in the middle of their big yearly project for Children’s Hospital in Denver – the Holiday Card Project, so things are a tad chaotic with orders coming in and the actual opening day is still a week away. Cindi is excited for this years project as Ecographics is doing the cards on their new digital press and it so far is making the project run smoother!!

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